Jhpiego’s Miles for Mothers Virtual Race: Teneo team members clock up 421 miles and $1982 in fundraising

In support of Teneo’s number one purpose to improve the lives of 1 million children around the world, we are delighted to announce that this week our awesome team took part in Jhpiego’s ‘Miles for Mothers’ Virtual Race.

Initially contributing $1500 towards sponsorship of the event, Teneo pledged to donate an extra $2 for every mile our team walked or ran between 15 – 22 October.

With 10 team members clocking up 241 miles, we added an extra $482 to the cause – with a grand total contribution just shy of $2000.

This year, the focus of the annual ‘Miles for Mothers’ event is on helping change the lives of people living in the Chikwawa District of Malawi. In January 2022 a cyclone caused extensive damage to St Montford Hospital and Majete Health Centre leaving more than 100k people without access to basic healthcare services. Miles for Mothers aims to raise $50k to restore the hospital and health center.

A big thank you to our virtual race participants, James HallCathy TimmisPiers CareyMark Leppard MarkLuci Courtney (Fox), Catherine Randall-SmithRachel HeadDavid MullaneyMatthew Brown, and Marcin Mądrala!

To learn more about Jhpiego’s Miles for Mothers event or to donate, visit: https://hubs.ly/Q01qJyqx0

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