Making the case

Businesses depend on optimized and secure WAN connections to operate efficiently and maintain productivity. While we often take efficient and seamless connectivity for granted – expecting links to work immediately and documents to download without endless security checks – slow, unreliable connections can waste valuable time and hamper day-to-day operations.

Now, high-speed connectivity and cloud services are transforming how users connect to applications across many sectors – from legal and manufacturing to retail and the public sector. This connectivity is vital as it enables digital transformation and helps businesses tackle some of today’s most pressing socio-economic challenges.

Cyber risk also remains a challenge for organizational leaders. The nature of cyber threats has evolved, and, according to the World Economic Forum ‘Global Security Outlook Report 2023’, CSOs now believe that cyber attackers are more likely to focus on business disruption and reputational damage.

The report also highlights how global geopolitical instability has helped to close the perception gap between business and cyber leaders’ views on the importance of cyber risk manament.

According to the report, 91% of all respondents believe that a far-reaching, catastrophic cyber event is at least somewhat likely in the next two years. Therefore, it is more important than ever to deploy a multilayered approach to security using the latest defense mechanisms and AI technologies.

However, complex legacy systems and architectures have left many organizations struggling to meet the expectations of their users. With visibility black holes and the ever-increasing threat of a cyberattack, IT departments have added multiple point solutions to address the issue, resulting in complexity and a management nightmare. This not only hinders day-to-day productivity but also restricts IT’s ability to innovate and gain competitive advantage.

Ultimately, connecting users to their applications in a way that is secure, optimized and observable is crtical for IT teams to deliver what their business needs. Teneo has built a framework to accomplish this, named StreamlineX.

With StreamlineX, Teneo will develop a roadmap of innovation, which might include simplifying network and security in a SASE model, using AI to optimize end user security or shining a light on users’ experience to make changes where it matters most.

Our Approach



  • Agree stakeholders
  • Set discovery pre-work
  • Identify business objectives and
    technical, operational
    and commercial requirements
  • Review current technology stack



  • Deep dive into specific requirements and business objectives
  • Scope system, process and people requirements
  • Accelerate the journey to adoption of new technologies


Road Map

  • Create a short, medium or long-term roadmap to move to StreamlineX
  • Integrate current investments into new services
  • Focus on business outcomes and competitive advantage


Implement & Manage

  • Leverage Teneo Professional Services to design and deploy each element of StreamlineX
  • Managed and Co-Managed services to ensure maximum value over the lifetime of your deployment

Business Value Proposition


Harness the power of the latest security platforms that understand modern cyber-attacks.


Deliver seamless, efficient and optimized connectivity to users and their applications at all times.


Actionable observability takes IT to the next level of service delivery by focusing on efficiency and optimizing the user experience.


Complexity from legacy systems is removed and AI powered automation frees up time for IT to focus on innovation and drive competitive advantage.

StreamlineX elements

StreamlineX combines next-generation technologies to deliver a secure, optimized, and observable way for users to connect to their applications regardless of location, device, or where the application is hosted.

Protect the End User’s Device

StreamlineX starts with securing the end user’s device and protecting them from poor performance. This is achieved by deploying next-generation security which uses deep learning and behavioural-based AI analytics. These technologies focus on the two main attack vectors: email and malicious downloads. To protect performance, StreamlineX begins by gaining insights into user experience to pinpoint areas for improvement. StreamlineX includes the following:

  • Deep Learning-based End Point Protection, which offers unparalleled levels of efficacy compared to traditional Anti-Virus platforms
  • Advanced Behavioral-based email security, which not only blocks cyber-attacks but also identifies attempted email fraud from both outside and inside the organization
  • Complete End User Experience Monitoring focuses on what really matters: the user’s experience, while forming the basis for actionable observability
Secure and Optimize the Connection

The next step is to secure and optimize the connections between users and applications, regardless of where in the world the user is, or the application is hosted. StreamlineX is built on Zero Trust principles focusing on ‘always verify, never trust’. However, as no security is perfect, StreamlineX seeks to minimize the impact of a breach. Physical links to applications are enhanced by combining the power of SD-WAN coupled with WAN acceleration as needed to ensure users get the best possible experience. StreamlineX combines the following:

  • Secure entry via Zero Trust Network Access
  • Next-Generation SD-WAN to simplify WAN management and deliver enhanced connectivity
  • Fully optimized connectivity to on-prem, cloud, and SaaS applications with WAN Optimization
  • Always on, Zero Trust-based cloud security including Secure Web Gateway, Firewall as a Service, Cloud Access Security Broker, Data Loss Prevention and Remote Browser Isolation
  • Segmentation to contain the impact of a breach and prevent lateral movement on the network
Actionable Observability

To deliver high value actionable observability we rely on three elements: visibility of all aspects of the network, having all of the data, and the right analysis platform. Machine Learning and AI work best when it has full visibility and is able to build large-scale data models of what good looks like to accurately determine when there is a problem. StreamlineX includes:

  • Advanced data capture technology to provide pervasive visibility
  • End User Experience data to understand performance from the user’s perspective
  • Network flow and packet capture to build a picture of network and application health
  • The ability to take data feeds from 3rd party tools via open API integration
Automate Network Management

Once the data from all the different visibility tools has been fed into a central data lake, then AI and ML can be applied to look for patterns and correlations that present as ‘abnormal incidents’. These incidents trigger predefined ‘playbooks’ that can collect specific data about the issue needed for the IT team to diagnose the cause of the problem.

This dramatically simplifies the troubleshooting process by reducing the time it normally takes to collect this data from a number of different tools. Playbooks can also be used to automate tasks to resolve issues. This can be as simple as creating a ticket in an ITSM system, such as ServiceNOW, and attaching the relevant data to the ticket. Alternatively, the AI can make changes to the network devices, rules or policies to either correct or route around the problem.

Service Outcomes

  • Simplify connectivity to enable innovation
  • Bespoke roadmap to provide your organization with secure, optimized and highly observable connections between users and applications, based on the StreamlineX framework
  • Consultative approach to meet business objectives and technical, operational, and commercial requirements
  • Enable your organization to move from Service Level Agreement Management (SLA) to Experience Level Agreement-based IT delivery (XLA)
  • Next Generation End to End Network Security with Segmentation
  • Optimize connectivity to maximize productivity
  • Use AI to generate actionable insights to simplify management
  • Automate Network and Security Management to free time for innovation

Next Steps

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observable and highly observable links – we can help.
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