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WFA: WAN Optimization Audit

WFA: WAN Optimization Audit

Continue to see optimum value from your WAN Optimization deployment with our expert guidance and advice.


I&O teams are constantly adding or upgrading applications, operating systems, and security devices, and are often modifying the network infrastructure, moving to cloud services, opening new offices, and adding new users.


But what many don’t realize is that, even the smallest changes to the network or applications can impact the performance of a WAN Optimization environment.


Sometimes it’s just not practical to keep a check on WAN Optimization performance metrics. But taking a ‘set and forget’ approach could mean you’re missing out on the opportunity for global WAN Optimization improvements.

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Take a different approach to WAN Optimization improvement

Take a different approach to WAN Optimization improvement

Some teams are taking a different approach.

They know that their organization will continue to see optimum value from its WAN Optimization deployment, regardless of daily change.

WFA: WAN Optimization Audit from Teneo

They rely on Teneo’s WFA: WAN Optimization Audit for that extra peace of mind. Download the service overview to find out more.

How It Works

Find out more about how the WAN Optimization Audit works below.

About the WAN Optimization Audit

To carry out the WAN Optimization Audit, a certified Teneo engineer will review your Riverbed SteelHead WAN Optimization environment during a remote consultation and review a checklist of pre-determined items.

You’ll also have the chance to ask our engineer any burning questions you have about your WAN Optimization technology.

We’ll then document the results from the remote consultation and provide you with a report of our findings. The report conclusion will include our recommendation for any subsequent Professional Service work we feel could help you with WAN Optimization tuning, configuration, or problem remediation.

What We Report On

The WAN Optimization Audit will report on the following key metrics:

  • Global Optimization Performance
  • Global Optimized Traffic
  • Global WAN Reduction Rate
  • Global WAN Traffic Reduction
  • Number of Riverbed SteelHeads Showing Less Than Healthy State
  • Global RiOS Version
  • Summary of Total Traffic, Total Optimized Traffic, and Total Passthrough Traffic
  • Recommendations & Next Steps

Getting Started

To get started with a WAN Optimization Audit, we’ll require the following information:

  • Your primary contact information
  • A list of your Riverbed SteelHead WAN Optimization assets to be included in the Audit, including relevant IP Addresses, usernames, and passwords
  • Connectivity to your WAN Optimization appliances from our engineer’s laptop

Our Approach


  • Two-hour remote analysis and consultation


  • Two-hour report creation and presentation


  • Recommendations and next steps

Service Value

Time saved

Save time checking on the overall status of your WAN Optimization estate by receiving an audit report from Teneo.

Advanced expertise

Take advantage of our wealth of WAN Optimization knowledge and experience. We’re constantly checking our managed service customers’ metrics and fine-tuning their environments.

Actionable insights

Arm yourself with basic WAN Optimization metrics in a report format that’s easy to share with your team.

Improved ROI

Maximize your investment in WAN Optimization technology by improving global optimization performance based on our advice.

Service Outcomes

  • Understand basic WAN Optimization performance metrics.
  • Receive our guidance on WAN Optimization hotspots that most need your attention for improvement.
  • Utilize our report to help remove blind spots across your WAN Optimization environment.
  • Take prioritized actions that make a difference to your WAN Optimization ROI.
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Ready to talk about a WFA: WAN Optimization Audit?

Ready to talk about a WFA: WAN Optimization Audit?

To get started with our WFA: WAN Optimization Audit, simply schedule a meeting with us today.

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