Back in late 2017, Teneo agreed to support a SEED Madagascar school build project in Manambaro, south east Madagascar. The school there was composed of 9 classrooms for 700 children. Only 5 of the classrooms were usable, so instead of turning children away, the school implemented coping mechanisms such as half day attendance. In order to improve the education of all the children, the project was to provide a new 2 classroom building, associated furniture and new latrines.

Teneo’s VP of Services, James Hall, visited Manambaro for a 2 week period in April 2018 in order to assist with the school build. When he arrived, the foundations had been dug and when he left the building was up to roof level. During that 2 week period huge amounts of manual labour was used to mix concrete, build foundations and manufacture breeze blocks. All by hand, without the use of machines. And in hot weather and poor conditions. But, James describes his experience as “incredibly rewarding to have been part of the adventure.”

In May 2023, James was part of a Teneo delegation including Teneo CEO, Piers Carey, and VP of Business Development, Marc Sollars, that visited Manambaro along with SEED Madagascar to see how the school was doing. It was humbling for James to see the school again, fully built and having survived cyclones and other harsh weather conditions. The Teneo team met some of the school children who stated their desire to be doctors and teachers. And then had the privilege to meet some of the teachers who expressed their gratitude for the new school and shared what a difference it was making to the education of the local children.

It was truly inspirational to see the difference Teneo and SEED Madagascar are able to make together, seeing the project come to life and the school operational.