Primary school build in Uganda with Plan International

Following the success of the Ghana project, we wanted to raise the bar and sought out a new challenge in 2012-2013 in partnership again with Plan International. We settled on another school build project, this time in Uganda.

This project aimed to improve access to education in the Nyakesi community through building and furnishing a new block of four classrooms with a resource room. In addition, six extra latrines with hand-washing facilities and a changing room were to be constructed and awareness-raising activities carried out to improve health and hygiene at the school.

The quality of teaching would be improved through the provision of textbooks to both teachers and pupils – playground equipment and games would also be supplied. Finally, teachers and staff along with the Parent Teacher Association would receive training in school management and effective governance, with the aim of including children in decision-making processes which would affect them.

The project would contribute towards:

  • 683 pupils – 380 girls and 303 boys – having a quality learning environment with sufficient classrooms for all grades
  • An improvement in the quality of education at Agwait Primary School with new learning materials and better opportunities for extra-curricular learning and play
  • The pupils, teachers and the wider community experiencing less hygiene-related illness due to the better sanitation facilities at school and increased awareness of good hygiene practices
  • School governance improving through training and capacity-building
  • The community being able to help drive their own development through gaining project management skills
  • Retention and pass rates increasing for pupils at Agwait Primary School
  • Literacy levels in the community increasing
  • Children in Nyakesi being able to continue the education needed to gain a better life and help lift their communities out of poverty

The school was completed in June 2013 to much excitement from the local community. As part of the project, 120 desks were provided along with text books, playground equipment and refresher training courses for the teachers.

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