Introducing Teneo

Teneo is a Solutions Provider focused on reducing complexity. We find most network and security teams are overworked and have to operate increasingly complex systems to meet business demands.

We combine leading technology with deep expertise to create new ideas on how to simplify IT operations. Simplification reduces risk, saves money, improves time to resolution and boosts user adoption. We call this “simplification through innovation”.

We focus on connecting users to their applications in a way that is secure, optimized and observable. We are driven to excel by our purpose to positively impact the lives of a million children around the world.

With a global reach, innovative services and deep expertise, we stand behind you so that your team can become the game-changer the business needs.

Why Teneo?

Most Network and Security teams are overworked so making progress is a challenge. We securely connect users to their applications by combining leading technology with expert guidance. You stay in control, simplify your operations and keep ahead of the game.

Why Customers Choose Teneo

We’ve helped hundreds of successful Network & Security leaders to simplify IT operations. Here’s what makes us different:


Right-Sized Partner

We’re small enough to care, and big enough to get the job done.​

You’ll prefer our flexibility and responsiveness over larger service providers.

We’ll stay focused on your needs and allow you to retain control.


Global Fluency

We’ll simplify operations with our 22 years of global logistics & contract negotiation.​

We’ll share our experience across similar environments, industries & geographies.

We’ll always be here for you through our 24x7x365, Follow-the-Sun support.


Safe Pair Of Hands

We’ll bring deep knowledge and expertise to your team.

You’ll find us likeable, easy to work with, and we won’t let you down.

You’ll be in good company: 99.8% of customers think our service is awesome; over 50% have worked with us for 6+ years.

Our Mission


Our mission guides us every day to help you innovate in an ever-changing world. It also helps us to focus on Employee Wellbeing so the people you work with at Teneo are happy and effective. And it drives our core purpose, to improve the lives of 1 million children across the world.

Our Core Values

These core values guide our day-to-day behaviors and support our mission:

  • Integrity = “I have strong moral principles”
  • Commitment to Excellence = “I possess the quality of being outstanding”
  • Respect = “The achievement of others elicits my admiration”
  • Growth = “I support the process of development”
  • Corporate Social Responsibility = “I believe in giving back”
  • Employee Wellbeing = “I believe in workplace health and happiness”
  • Accountability = “I take responsibility for my actions”

Always Open-Minded

Staying open-minded enables us to be truly inclusive. We respect and appreciate our differences and promote a culture where everyone’s voice is heard and respected. We want our people to feel like they can be their authentic selves at work. We’re focused on learning more about those whose backgrounds differ from our own because we understand that everyone’s story matters. We believe that where there is diversity, creativity thrives and so we are committed to providing a workspace that is attractive to anyone who wants to make a difference to our customers and has the drive to see the work through. At Teneo, all are welcome.

Our Certifications

We carry the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications, which means our group systems and processes are quality assured and the information we hold is secure, for both our own information and for yours. We treat the data we hold with complete seriousness, and you can be reassured that your business is in safe hands. We’re also proud to be a Certified Carbon Neutral Company.

Purpose Beyond Profit

Our Purpose Beyond Purpose initiatives reflect our mission of opening minds to new possibilities. In partnering with Teneo, you help in turn. You’ll find a selection of our latest projects below.

Purpose Beyond Profit: Our Commitment to Positive Change

We’re proud to share our latest infographic that highlights the key initiatives and impactful results from our 2023 Purpose Beyond Profit report.

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Payroll Giving Scheme

Through our new Payroll Giving scheme, in collaboration with Humans For Education, we are helping 56 underprivileged children in Kenya escape a life of poverty through education

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Teneo’s Annual Purpose Beyond Profit Report

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Teneo’s Annual Purpose Beyond Profit Report. Our mission, “Opening Minds to New Possibilities,” continues to guide us in making a positive impact around the world

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Celebrating the official opening of Sarisambo Lower Secondary School!

On June 25th the Sarisambo community came together to celebrate the opening of their new classrooms, a project by SEED Madagascar and Teneo.

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