Measuring user experience

To create competitive advantage, most I&O teams acknowledge they need to provide a better and more measurable end user experience.

Yet when it comes to monitoring user adoption, and how applications and endpoint devices perform for employees, many find that their end user experience monitoring tools are only providing an approximate version of the truth – or none at all.

Infographic – 6 facts that will make you rethink End User Experience Monitoring


Visibility blind spots

Most teams are suffering from visibility blind spots, which are slowing the diagnosis and resolution of user-impacting issues, elevating costs, degrading user satisfaction, and lowering workforce productivity.

Without the ability to see exactly what end users see, regardless of the application, device or their location, or view trend reports, service desk teams are unable to take proactive action to fix problems and there’s no benchmark for improvement.

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Taking action

But with such limited time to research an alternative approach, and limited resources available to get the best from an in-house managed End User Experience Monitoring solution, how can I&O teams address this issue?

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How can teams avoid software becoming shelfware, spending unnecessary hours combining reports, and providing a reactive IT service by default?

Take a different approach to End User Experience

Proactive Infrastructure & Operations leaders are approaching End User Experience differently. They’re able to work alongside experts to gain the precise insights they need to monitor and manage End User Experience, without the overhead of managing additional tools, or manipulating reports.

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They’re also able to understand overall application and device usage so proactive steps can be taken to improve efficiencies, such as device or license re-allocations.

WFA: Visible End User Experience Monitoring Service From Teneo

WFA: Visible, Teneo’s End User Experience Monitoring service, delivers exactly this.

We’ll work alongside you to ensure you have the data you need so you can make fast improvements where it matters most: for your Work From Anywhere users and their endpoint devices.

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We’ll deliver visibility into performance for key applications such as O365, and you’ll be able to quickly and proactively troubleshoot remote user issues, from a lack of memory to laptop crashes.

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WFA: Visible pricing is available for 1000+ users (Enterprise), 250-999 users (Corporate), and 100-249 users (Team).

Service Level Summary

  • Visibility of O365, Office apps, Adobe, Notes and UC apps (Zoom, Skype)
  • Device and system visibility
  • Half day of knowledge transfer
  • Access to 5 standard dashboards, plus choose up to 5 additional dashboards from the Teneo library
  • Visibility of 1 custom application with 4 activities
  • Monthly visibility insights meeting
  • 24×7 helpdesk
  • On demand and scheduled reports, summary incident report
  • Dashboards for OS health, KPI summary, Office 365 performance​​
  • Scores for user experience, ​device stability by type, application performance
  • IT Operations user/device search
  • Incident alerts by email​​
  • Monthly feature updates

Our Approach



  • Hold a strategy workshop with all main stakeholders.
  • Understand your desired outcomes and KPIs.



  • Design our service and implementation package.
  • Prepare our service handbook.



  • Service installation & configuration.
  • Initial installation and configuration of standard dashboards.
  • Develop application signatures and activities.



  • 24x7x365 proactive management, monitoring & alerting.
  • Monthly reporting & service improvement.
  • Assistance with KPI measurement & business case justification.

Service Value

  • Rapid deployment

    Utilizing our years of experience, we’ll help you reduce End User Experience Monitoring time to value by building your strategy and executing it quickly.
  • Full service management

    We’ll project-manage everything for you and make sure software is fully updated, maintained and available to you 24x7.
  • Data correlation

    We’ll help you to understand productivity & license utilization by correlating three vital streams of data: user productivity, application performance, and device health & performance.
  • Dashboards & reporting

    You’ll receive monthly reports, proactive notifications & actions in real-time, along with access to a portal dashboard so you can drill down into live issues yourself.

Service Outcomes

  • Validate performance after network changes, new application migrations, operating system upgrades, or a shift to remote working.
  • Identify slow servers, undersized workstations (CPU, RAM) and old software versions.
  • Track workforce productivity levels to meet your digital transformation goals.
  • Find out if the expensive software licenses you pay for monthly are actually being used.
  • Pay as you grow, only using the service licenses you need, until you’re ready to scale.
  • Always benefit from the latest service software updates, features and functionality.
  • Leverage Teneo’s expertise to fully understand End User Experience Monitoring data, to help quickly resolve issues and get to the root cause of performance challenges.
  • Improve your Service Desk SLAs and KPIs.
  • Say goodbye to large CAPEX spends typical with high quality monitoring solutions. Instead, pay for End User Experience Monitoring features and management work as a predictable monthly recurring cost, saving you money, time and effort in the long term.
  • Free your time up for other, higher priority things as Teneo takes management and reporting off your hands.

End User Experience Monitoring Case Studies


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Leading U.S. Law Firm

This leading U.S. law firm adopted Teneo’s End User Experience Monitoring service to improve visibility, security & performance.

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End User Experience Monitoring Demo Video

WFA: Visible - Troubleshooting End User Hardware and Application Issues for I&O Teams

In this short video, we look at the value of troubleshooting end user hardware and application issues for I&O teams. Exploring the granular detail that Teneo’s WFA: Visible solution provides, we look at how understanding information around end users’ hardware can help reduce MTTR and increase productivity of Service & Support Desk teams.



Supporting Services

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Reassess your monitoring and visibility needs and learn best practices for adopting a Unified Observability strategy.

Visibility Tools Suitability Assessment

Our Visibility Tools Suitability Assessment helps you to benchmark current visibility capabilities and identify areas for improvement to close visibility gaps.

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