Professional Services

Optimize your technology investment with Teneo’s Professional Services

At Teneo, we understand the critical role technology plays in advancing your business. That’s why our professional services are designed to complement and enhance the technologies we offer, ensuring they align perfectly with your business objectives. Our team of expert engineers provide a comprehensive set of professional services to assist you from conception to execution, tailoring our technologies to fit your unique business needs.


Our professional services include:


Technology Workshops

There is a myriad of technologies that all claim to offer the latest and greatest features. But choosing the right one for your business is no simple task. Teneo offers a range of vendor-agnostic workshops to help you identify requirements, narrow down the technology choice, and develop a strong business case to support your investment.



Our solution architects are on hand to capture and translate your requirements into the optimal design, taking into consideration your needs, current environment, and future plans. We will work alongside your team to ensure everyone understands the design choices. During the design process, our architects will create high and low-level design documents and detailed ‘Method of Procedure’ documents to outline how the solution will deployed at each of your locations.



Managed by our team of experienced project managers, our engineers can either work alongside your team to deploy the new service and ensure a smooth transition, or we can provide a full ‘white glove’ service. With experience in shipping and deploying technology in over 120 countries across the globe, we are ideally placed to reduce the migration risk and ensure a successful transition.


Knowledge Transfer

To ensure that you get the most out of your new investment, we will collaborate with you to customize our knowledge transfer sessions based on the audience and your deployment.


Review and Recommendation

Our review and recommendation services focus on people, technology and systems. Users are invited to share their opinions, evaluations, and experiences, while we work with IT teams to assess how the technology is being used and the effectiveness of the current systems. From there our team of experts will make recommendations for change based on your business needs and future plans.

Teneo’s Professional Services

SD-WAN Implementation

Achieve faster deployment and minimized risk with our SD-WAN design and deployment expertise.