January 23rd marked the official opening of Beraketa EPP in Madagascar, our most recent school build with SEED Madagascar. The ceremony was a vibrant showcase, starting with the Malagasy flag hoisting and national anthem. The highlight was the students and teachers’ lively dance performances, echoing the community’s enthusiasm for education.

Inspiring speeches by the Head Teacher, The Village Head, the Mayor of Ranopiso, the Head of the local Ministry of Education, and SEED’s new Head of Schools, Theo emphasized the school’s significance. The Mayor’s ribbon-cutting signified the official opening. The community highlighted their gratitude to SEED with a unique gift of a sheep! Lunch was served and the dancing began!

Beraketa EPP, with its modern facilities, gender-segregated latrines, and clean water access, stands as a symbol of progress. A big thank you to our partners at SEED and to our Teneo customers who allow us to fulfill these dreams. Together, we’re enhancing education in Madagascar.