Customer Roadmap

Keep track of your connectivity needs and meet your business, technical, operational and regulatory requirements with a tailored Customer Roadmap session.


Businesses depend on optimized and secure WAN connections to operate efficiently and maintain productivity. While we often take efficient and seamless connectivity for granted, expecting links to work immediately and documents to download without endless security checks, it’s important to remember that without end-to-end observability, performance dips, productivity drops, and the return on investment is lowered.

Now, high-speed connectivity and cloud services are transforming how users connect to applications, but complexity, a lack of visibility, and insufficient cyber defenses threaten the effectiveness of today’s connections.

To address these challenges, Teneo has created the StreamlineX framework, simplifying IT’s delivery of Secure, Optimized, and Observeable connectivity between users and their applications. Building StreamlineX as a framework allows our customers to adopt each element at the appropriate time and integrate new and existing technologies.

To ensure we meet all of your requirements and the pace of adoption is correct for your business, we will create a roadmap for you. The roadmap allows us to keep track of your connectivity needs to ensure we meet all of your business, technical, operational, and regulatory requirements. Once created, we will agree on a review cycle to capture the changing needs of your business and advances in technology.

The StreamlineX Framework