Making the case

The value of AI Network Operations lies in its ability to optimize network performance, enhance reliability, and reduce operational costs through the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques.

By combining data, insights, and actions, IT is enabled to move from beyond simply monitoring the network and can provide real value to the organization. Here are some of those benefits:

  • Reduce MTTR with actionable insights and intelligent automation that improve digital service quality and enable happier and more productive customers and employees.
  • Improve first-level resolution rates by enabling L1-L2 teams to troubleshoot more incidents without needing to escalate.
  • Reduce alert fatigue so operators can focus on fewer, more critical events.
  • Enhance IT productivity and collaboration by bridging data silos among specialized IT teams, reducing blame games and the need for time-consuming crisis management.
  • Accelerate digital innovation by reducing time spent on troubleshooting, leaving more time for revenue-generating projects.

Take a modern approach to AI Network Operations

Teneo believes AI Network Operations revolutionize IT management. Our cloud-native, SaaS solution uses AI and machine learning to quickly identify and solve network issues, streamlining problem-solving and empowering all IT staff to focus on driving business growth.

Our Approach

Our AI Network Operations is a cloud-native, SaaS solution that is open and programmable for Unified Observability.  It empowers all IT staff to quickly detect and resolve issues. This system utilizes comprehensive data on user experience and network performance, gathered from diverse monitoring tools, covering every transaction in the digital enterprise. It then leverages AI and machine learning to contextually link data streams and alerts, pinpointing events that most significantly impact the business. The system’s smart features guide investigative runbooks that mimic the problem-solving processes of IT professionals. This approach provides additional context, filters irrelevant data, and prioritizes key issues, thereby minimizing the number of alerts to those most critical for the business. It enables staff of varying skill levels to quickly identify and resolve issues.

Key Benefits


Improved Efficiency

AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of network data in real-time, identifying patterns, anomalies, and potential issues faster and more accurately than traditional methods. This enables proactive problem resolution, reducing downtime and improving overall network efficiency.


Predictive Maintenance

By leveraging AI for predictive analytics, network operators can anticipate equipment failures and perform preventive maintenance, minimizing service disruptions and extending the lifespan of network infrastructure.


Automated Remediation

AI-powered automation can swiftly respond to network incidents by executing predefined remediation actions or recommending solutions to human operators. This reduces manual intervention, speeds up incident resolution, and frees up resources for more strategic tasks.


Optimized Resource Allocation

AI-driven insights enable network operators to optimize resource allocation based on real-time demand, traffic patterns, and performance metrics. This ensures efficient utilization of network capacity and resources, leading to cost savings and improved security quality.


Enhanced Security

AI algorithms can analyze network traffic for suspicious behavior, detect potential security threats, and rapidly respond to cyberattacks or breaches. By continuously monitoring and adapting to evolving threats, AI-powered security solutions strengthen network defenses and protect sensitive data.


Scalability and Flexibility

Our AI Network Operations platform can scale to accommodate growing network complexity and handle diverse data sources, including IoT devices, cloud services, and 5G networks. This scalability enables operators to support expanding business demands and deploy new services more efficiently.


Data-Driven Insights

AI analytics provide valuable insights into network performance, user behavior, and service trends, empowering IT to make data-driven decisions, optimize network designs, and enhance end-user experience.


Competitive Advantage

By adopting AI Network Operations, organizations can differentiate themselves in the market by offering more reliable, responsive, and secure network services. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, retention, and market share.


AI Network Operations is a key component of StreamlineX as it ensures that users get the best possible experience when connecting to their applications, while offering enhanced security, better visibility, and simplified network operations at a lower total cost of ownership.

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