Teneo is thrilled to announce significant progress in our collaborative school project in Sarisambo with SEED Madagascar!

Through this partnership, we’ve successfully constructed five new classrooms and revitalized existing structures, providing a dynamic learning environment for 726 students and 27 dedicated teachers. The initiative included enhancing the school with benches, improved sanitation facilities, teacher accommodations, and engaging the community in impactful tree-planting activities.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the construction of 10 gender-segregated latrines, a menstrual hygiene management cubicle, and hand-washing stations, significantly reducing health-related absenteeism. We’re proud to report a carbon footprint of 136 tCO2e for the build, offset by planting 680 Acacia Mangium trees, along with 340 Acacia, 340 Eucalyptus, and 100 fruit trees in a community resource area linked to the school.

The project’s success extends beyond construction, with numerous training sessions for local stakeholders. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll celebrate the handover ceremony, marking the return of the school’s maintenance responsibility to the Sarisambo community.

A heartfelt thank you to our partner, SEED Madagascar and most of all our customers and partners that allow these school building projects to happen. Your support is transforming lives!