Teneo and SEED Madagascar partner together again to build a primary school

In Spring 2019, Teneo once again partnered with SEED Madagascar and this time RanTek to help in their quest to construct a new primary school in the remote village of Andramanaka. This new school was part of the latest phase of SEED Madagascar’s Project Sekoly, which provides schools across the Anosy region with a safe learning environment and sanitation infrastructure.

The construction of Andramanaka Primary School took several months and included funding and volunteers from Teneo. This school would be SEED’s first three-classroom building which would provide a vital learning environment for 220 children. The new cement structure allows students to no longer miss school due to extreme weather conditions such as excessive heat or heavy rainfall.

SEED was able to utilize the area’s heavy rainfall with a new rainwater harvesting system allowing year-round clean water available for hand washing. It’s estimated that over 6,000 children die annually in Madagascar from water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) related diseases, making this vital WASH infrastructure crucial to the students’ health and academic achievement. Teachers and staff were also trained on WASH education sessions and began sharing this knowledge with their students to promote positive hygiene behavior.

The school project also included the construction of a three-cubicle latrine block. This new and a gender-segregated latrine block allows private facilities to all staff and students. Menstrual hygiene management amenities are also provided for girls, encouraging them to stay in school longer.

Not only was Teneo able to contribute to the project financially, but two members of the Teneo team also had the opportunity to join in with the physical construction of the school. Ethan Best, Inside Account Manager and Jaime Rubinos, Sales Operations Executive, were able to spend time at the start of the project living in the community and working with the local construction team. Together they assisted with constructing the foundation of the school through carrying in supplies, mixing cement, and laying down rock. To hear about Ethan and Jaime’s life-changing experience and see highlights of the project, view SEED Madagascar’s project video.

With this project we’ve:

  • Donated £17,500 towards the project
  • Helped to create 220 new classroom spaces
  • Contributed to the building of a new three cubicle latrine block
  • Trained teachers and staff in WASH practices who therefore educated the students on positive hygiene behavior
  • Sent two volunteers to the village to assist with the beginning construction

In February 2021, we received an update from SEED Madagascar with the school’s official inauguration photo. Three new classrooms, a new latrine block, 70 benches and a rainwater harvesting system later, this school is ready for learning to commence!

See below for more pictures from the construction project:

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