It’s that time again! Join Teneo in JhPiego’s ‘Miles for Mothers’ Virtual Race

Teneo is pleased to announce that once again we will be participating in ‘Miles for Mothers’ virtual run/walk organized by Jhpiego, a Johns Hopkins University affiliate.  For over 50 years, this organization has helped to bring lifesaving care to vulnerable communities.  This year the focus is on helping change the lives of people living in the Chikwawa District of Malawi.  In January 2022 a cyclone caused extensive damage to St Montford Hospital and Majete Health Centre leaving more than 100k people without access to basic health care services.  Miles for Mothers aims to raise $50k to restore the hospital and health centre.

We are proud to not only be sponsors, but also many of our Teneo employees are creating a virtual team where individuals will walk and run miles on their own “courses”.  The virtual race takes place between October 15-22, 2022.

To participate or learn more about Jhpiego’s Miles for Mothers event or to donate, visit:

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