SD-WAN Implementation

Achieve faster deployment and minimized risk with our SD-WAN design and deployment expertise.

Speed of migration

Pivotal to a successful SD-WAN implementation is the design and deployment process.

The more time spent planning and testing at the design and deployment stage, the faster an SD-WAN migration tends to happen.


Underestimation of resource & time

However, many network, infrastructure and security teams today underestimate the people resource, skills and time required to complete this project phase efficiently and successfully.


Slower time to value

This inevitably leads to project overruns, and elevates risk during transition.

This in turn increases the cost of change and slows time to value. 

Take a different approach to SD-WAN implementation

Some teams are taking a different approach to SD-WAN implementation to ensure they see results from their SD-WAN projects in a shorter timeframe.

They’ve found a way to fill people and skill gaps to make more valuable use of their own time and resource.

This means their SD-WAN deployments are completed following best practice advice and guidance, and achieve faster time to value.

SD-WAN Implementation from Teneo

Through our SD-WAN Implementation service, Teneo’s shared-risk approach to SD-WAN helps to fill people, skill and knowledge gaps so you can experience SD-WAN benefits quickly.

Once we’ve understood your ‘success criteria’, we’ll design and deploy pilot sites and run an agreed test plan to prove the solution is fit for purpose. Following the successful completion of the pilot, we’ll create a Solution Requirements Document and build High-Level and Low-Level Designs for your SD-WAN overlay network.

Finally, once the designs are approved, our experienced team will provide the support you require to migrate to your new SD-WAN environment.

With access to our global network of engineers, we can deploy your SD-WAN solution to over 189 countries. Our experience will ensure that your SD-WAN deployment is completed following best practice advice and guidance. And you get to choose how much involvement you want by selecting the services that suit your needs.

SD-WAN Implementation forms part of StreamlineX, Teneo’s innovative framework which enables IT teams to provide secure, optimized and observable connections between users and applications.

Our Approach



  • Discovery workshop
  • Pilot design & testing
  • Project plan
  • Pilot findings
  • ROI & Business case review



  • Design discovery workshop
  • Solution Requirements Document (SRD)
  • High-Level Design (HLD)
  • Low-Level Design (LLD)


Migration Planning

  • Design migration workshop
  • Migration HLD & LLD
  • Migration plan
  • Playbook or Method of Procedure (MOPs) documentation
  • Approval & logistics


Migration Execution

  • Project plan review
  • Pre-migration activity
  • Site migration
  • Post-migration activity
  • Final acceptance



  • Hypercare for 2 weeks following implementation
  • Handover to internal team or Teneo Managed Service team

Service Value

  • Reduced risk

    Minimize the possibility of downtime and rollbacks, and ensure SD-WAN delivers with a custom design created by our certified and experienced SD-WAN Architects.
  • Faster deployment

    Access our experienced, global resource 24x7, 365 days a year, to enable rapid deployment in over 189 countries.
  • Maximized value

    Leverage our valuable insights to ensure you maximize the value of your SD-WAN investment.
  • Shorter time to ROI

    Deploy SD-WAN faster and avoid pitfalls to achieve ROI in the shortest time possible.

Service Outcomes

  • Access to experienced global resource to enable rapid deployment.
  • Reduced risk with Teneo’s ‘shared-risk’ approach.
  • Certified and experienced design team to ensure SD-WAN delivers for you.
  • Minimized possibility of downtime and rollbacks.
  • Insights from our experience to ensure you maximize the value of your SD-WAN investment.
  • Faster deployment and pitfall avoidance ensure ROI in the shortest possible time.


SD-WAN Implementation is part of StreamlineX, Teneo’s innovative framework combining market-leading technologies that  empowers Network and Security teams to embrace digital innovation and navigate the challenges of modern connectivity.

For the best deployment of SD-WAN, or any of the StreamlineX elements, Teneo offer fully customizable implementation services.

Case Study


Multinational Consumer Goods Organization

Find out how a multinational consumer goods organization’s journey to SD-WAN was supported by Teneo with an SD-WAN Workshop and Implementation services.

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