Technical Customer Review (TCR)

Maximize the return on your investment by scheduling a Technical Customer Review with Teneo's world-class engineers. We're here to ensure you use your solutions in the most cost-effective, successful, and efficient way.

What is the value of a Technical Customer Review?

Our Technical Customer Review (TCR) is an engineer-led discussion, designed to benefit you by: 


Ensuring the technical success of your current solutions

Teneo has some of the best engineering talent in the industry with a strong focus on customer success. Our engineers are on hand to evaluate the performance of your current solution and its alignment with your original objectives. Should there be any changes in your technology needs, we’ll assist you in transitioning to a more appropriate solution.

In your TCR, we’ll:

  • Help you meet your objectives
  • Ensure that your solutions have had a recent health check
  • Review your support on installed products
  • Review your service desk tickets
  • Review any ongoing open issues
  • Verify that the solution is meeting current and future needs
  • Discuss alternative ways to address issues solved by the solution


Helping you save time

We will review how you could simplify the operation of your existing technology to save time. This will involve considering the role it plays in your larger technology stack. We can help identify complimentary technologies that other customers are using to secure, optimize and observe their environments.


Future proof your success

As our customers’ needs and requirements change to embrace future trends, we actively look for new and exciting products and solutions. During your TCR, we’ll collect information on both your current and future initiatives to ensure that Teneo’s direction is aligned and we can continue to provide value. Your feedback will be shared with our CTO and VP of Products to ensure Teneo has the expertise to provide superior technology to support existing products, but also to support the technologies you’ll embrace in the future.

In your TCR, we’ll:

  • Discover the technologies Teneo is focused on in the areas of cloud, visibility and security
  • Discuss how Teneo integrates leading technologies
  • Receive feedback from our customers on where they would like Teneo to focus in order to best help them now, and in the future
  • Set next steps for Teneo, to ensure the success of existing and future projects

Who should attend?

  • Technical team responsible for existing technologies
  • Security, visibility, desktop, and networking teams interested in leveraging Teneo’s expertise to solve issues and help with planning or ongoing or future projects
  • Stakeholders in the benefits of existing or future technology such as IT management, infrastructure management, security management, network management, CTO, etc.