Managed Palo Alto Networks’ NGFW

Get the most value from your Palo Alto Networks’ NGFW by choosing how much management control you want and selecting the service level that suits your needs.

Making the case

Firewalls have become a de facto part of any network security defense posture and thanks to advances in threat detection they deliver an excellent line of protection against today’s attacks. However, the danger comes as our trust in these devices has grown to a point where they are becoming “set and forget” technologies and, if unmanaged, the security they once provided can be lost.

This is where Teneo’s Palo Alto Networks’ NGFW Managed Service comes in. Our team of experts will not only handle all of the day-to-day notifications and actions needed to maintain good firewall health, they will also regularly review your deployment, software and licensing to ensure that you have the very latest protection that the technology offers.

This service forms part of StreamlineX, our innovative framework which enables IT teams to provide secure, optimized and observable connections between users and applications.

Our Approach



  • Help you decide the right service level for your needs
  • Expert guidance to maximize the value of your investment



  • Full SOW detailing all aspects of your managed service including our full service management process, KPIs and SLAs



  • Full design audit
  • Pre-Service Workshop
  • Set up our 24×7 proactive monitoring platform



  • 24x7x365 monitoring & alerting
  • Proactive management
  • Reporting & service improvement

Managed Palo Alto NGFW Service Value

  • Around the Clock Support

    Get 24x7 support for your Palo Alto NGFW deployment and work with the same Teneo people, every time we’re in contact.
  • Proactive Monitoring

    Proactively identify errors in near real-time and allow Teneo to take corrective action to get ahead of problems.
  • Expert Advice

    Get the best advice to understand what your Palo Alto NGFWs are doing, the activities and threats they are seeing and ensure you’re licensed correctly.
  • Cost Control

    Stay up to date with service performance and receive our recommendations for improvements.

Service Outcomes

  • Protect your brand image, network and data with visibility and control of known and unknown threats
  • Overcome the training and management barriers to invest in NGFW Technology
  • Scale our service to meet the needs of your organization
  • Simplify your security admin, yet extend your own capacity to monitor security 24×7
  • Provide reporting on abnormal network behavior
  • All routine management work is covered by a predictable monthly cost, saving you money in the long term


Teneo’s Palo Alto Networks’ NGFW Managed Service is part of StreamlineX, our innovative framework combining market-leading technologies that empowers network and security teams to embrace digital innovation and navigate the challenges of modern connectivity.

The service forms part of the process to develop a multi layered approach to security using the StreamlineX framework, and adopting the principals of Zero Trust.

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