Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives reflect our mission of opening minds to new possibilities, and create opportunities for the local and global communities within which we work.

In partnering with Teneo, you in turn help to support these initiatives. Our growth is spurred on by a passion to make a difference in the world – we know that the bigger we are, the more we can give back. It’s a goal that we all share as a team, and something we’ve always wanted to share more with you.

The real passion at Teneo is for investing in education projects that will help some of the poorest people in the world escape a life of poverty. The catalyst for this was a trip to Ethiopia by our CEO, Piers Carey, in 2011. Piers visited a school in Lalibela built by Plan International, which set off the train of thought that Teneo could make a difference in this area.

We typically undertake one major project per year and support that with numerous mid-sized or smaller projects. Our work back at home includes supporting a number of charities as well as sponsoring local sports teams and contributing to requests for sponsorships from colleagues, customers and partners. Here’s an overview of some of the projects we support:

Dress Down Friday

Every Friday our offices operate a voluntary dress down code, in exchange for a small donation. This raises in excess of £3000 each year and the funds are donated to key charities we nominate each quarter.

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