Secure Access Service Edge
Provide the levels of security and access control that digital organizations need, delivering immediate, uninterrupted access for your users, no matter where they’re located.

What is Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is still a relatively new architectural concept that converges WAN capabilities, i.e. SD-WAN, and Security Service Edge (SSE) functions, such as Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), into a unified, cloud-native service.

The requirement is being driven by digital transformation and shifts the focal point to the identity of the user and/or device rather than the Data Center.

This supports the dynamic secure access and performance needs organizations have today across all edges (WAN, cloud, mobile, and IoT), regardless of user, location or application in a Work From Anywhere world.

However, designing the perfect SASE architecture won’t happen overnight, and many challenges will arise for the following reasons.

Siloed People

Building a SASE architecture requires networking and security teams to work very closely together.

Yet there’s traditionally been a lack of co-ordination between both sides, and a failure to understand each other’s priorities.

This has often resulted in a history of tension.

Close co-operation will therefore be required across these teams at management level to ensure the security team understands WAN processes, and vice versa.

Siloed Processes

Continuing the siloed theme, a recent global survey concluded that over 55% of security decisions were made in separate teams to those responsible for the WAN, and only 16% of security teams were involved in WAN projects from the outset.

The main reason was that the network team often sees the security team as an obstacle.

Tool Proliferation

Most organizations are already suffering from networking and security tool proliferation, so agreeing on a rationalized standard that serves both teams across a SASE platform won’t be easy.

Further, because of the fast-changing landscape of security tools and security threats, at least 35% of teams want the ability to drop tools from their portfolio and quickly adopt others when and where gaps arise.

While some flexibility in a SASE platform will be required, such a frequent switch-out of technologies is likely to create unnecessary inefficiencies.

Take a different approach to SASE

Successful I&O leaders are approaching SASE as a roadmap exercise and are defining their path over multiple years as one converged networking and security team.

Our Approach to SASE

Our advisory services for SASE start with a Zero Trust approach. Building on our consultancy offerings for SD-WAN, Visibility and Security, we offer a tailored workshop to help you define your SASE starting position along with your vision and strategy.

In uniting your networking and security teams behind one goal, we help bring you closer to improved performance, reduced operational complexity, and an enhanced security posture.

Supporting Teneo Services

SASE Fundamentals

Experience the benefits of SASE without introducing additional complexity or management overhead into your environment.

SD-WAN & SASE Workshop

Utilize our knowledge and expertise to help plan your SD-WAN and SASE strategies with an SD-WAN & SASE Workshop.


Get the most value from SD-WAN, faster and with minimum risk. Choose how much management control you want and select the service level that suits your needs.

SD-WAN Implementation

Achieve faster deployment and minimized risk with our SD-WAN design and deployment expertise.

WAN Optimization

Prove the value of your investment by delivering a successful WAN Optimization strategy with optimum results and business impact.

WAN Optimization Audit

Continue to see optimum value from your WAN Optimization deployment with our expert guidance and advice.

WAN Value Assessment

Get a rich analysis of the common challenges and costs of your traditional router-centric network.

Zero Trust Network Access

Consistently operate a Zero Trust Network Access security policy and ensure your solution is managed to best practice through its entire lifecycle.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security that combines next-generation antivirus with elite threat hunting and endpoint detection & response (EDR) capabilities to eliminate blind spots that traditional prevention would miss.

Supporting Technology Partners

Service Outcomes

  • Create a united networking and security vision and strategy.
  • Understand your SASE starting point.
  • Plan your roadmap towards a SASE platform.
  • Identify gaps that require investment.
  • Improve operational efficiencies.
  • Break down networking and security team silos.

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