WFA: Secured

Endpoint Security
Combine next-gen antivirus with elite threat hunting and endpoint detection & response (EDR) capabilities, to eliminate blind spots that traditional prevention would miss.

Increase in endpoint attacks

Organizations are seeking faster and more certain ways of protecting themselves against the increasing number of successful endpoint attacks.

The majority of attacks today are unknown or zero day, and with the threat landscape vastly expanding due to the shift to Work From Anywhere, remote workers and IoT environments are prime targets.


Internal lack of defense

But in-house teams suffering this onslaught of endpoint attacks are increasingly unable to defend against them for two main reasons:

  1. Traditional antivirus solutions don’t provide adequate protection.
  2. They lack sufficient time & resources to minimize IT endpoint risk.

They lack the staff required to monitor, hunt, and investigate the sheer volume of data, or that have the expertise and advanced detection and forensic capabilities, and often the issues are just too complex and costly to manage.


Prolonged incident dwell times

This results in blind spots across mobile, physical, and virtual endpoints, alert fatigue, where existing staff are chasing too many false positives, and ultimately, prolonged incident dwell times.

The average cost of a successful attack now stands at $8.94m. The increase is largely due to the impact caused through loss of IT services, end user productivity, and the theft of information assets.

Without a way to break the cycle, the risk of loss is only set to grow.

Take a different approach to Endpoint Security

Forward-thinking Infrastructure & Operations leaders have found a way to achieve more efficient, effective and affordable endpoint protection. An Endpoint Security service that’s built on zero trust is protecting their assets 24x7x365, no matter where users or data reside.

The results are reduced telemetry, and reduced time to endpoint attack detection and response.

WFA: Secured from Teneo

WFA: Secured, Teneo’s Endpoint Security service, provides a single agent that combines next-generation antivirus with elite human and AI threat hunting, and endpoint detection & response (EDR) capabilities, to eliminate blind spots that traditional prevention would miss.

Simple to use and cost-effective, WFA: Secured delivers the outcomes you need to stop cyber attackers in their tracks. The service enables the detection and response to threats in minutes, not hours or days, which saves you time and is critical to the health of your business’s operation.

Service Level Summary
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Hands-on expert threat hunters
  • Automated threat blocking with predictive modeling
  • Remote managed containment of threat actors
  • Monthly security insights meeting
  • 24×7 helpdesk

WFA: Secured Service Detail

Our team of experts uses predictive threat modeling and proprietary machine learning to continuously tune the latest detection measures to prevent known attacks and identify potential unknown and zero-day threats.

For the most elusive of threats, an elite team of threat hunters rapidly investigates and neutralizes compromised endpoints on your behalf, preventing lateral spread.

Supporting the full incident response lifecycle, our team works alongside your security team to determine root cause and corrective actions, ensuring your environment is hardened against future business disruption.

See below for our service level detail.


Focus on optimizing and adapting an existing next-generation antivirus platform to prevent incidents.

What we deliver:

  • SOC will monitor detection and prevention events
  • Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are used to detect known and unknown malware and ransomware
  • Behavior-based indicators of attack (IOAs) prevent sophisticated file-less and malware-free attacks
  • Exploit blocking stops the execution and spread of threats via unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Threat Intelligence prevention blocks malicious activities
  • Automated prevention including blacklisting, block and kill and quarantine
Detect : Respond

Minimize detection-to-containment time frame of threats that bypass preventative controls.

What we deliver:

  • SOC will investigate and respond to detections
  • Continuous raw event recording provides full spectrum visibility at the endpoint
  • Enables threat hunting—proactive and managed—with full endpoint activity details
  • Enables entire attack life cycle visibility with context and threat intelligence data
  • Delivers situational awareness on the current threat level of the organization, and how its changing over time
  • Threat hunting and Host isolation

What We Detect

  • Malware
  • Abnormal behavior

  • Known Attack
  • Fileless Attacks

  • Suspicious activity
  • Advanced persistent attacks

  • Lateral movement
  • Zero-day attacks

How It Works

Service Value

  • Prevent the predictable

    Identify suspicious behavior using predictive threat modeling to automatically block expected and fileless attacks.
  • Detect the elusive

    Find threats built to circumvent prevention with a zero-trust approach, leveraging proprietary machine learning and advanced analytics.
  • Hunt & isolate before disruption

    Minimize threat actor dwell time with elite threat hunters that identify, lock down and isolate compromised endpoints on your behalf.
  • Harden against future attacks

    Determine root cause and eradicate threat actor presence across your environment with full incident lifecycle support.

Service Outcomes

  • Rapid deployment and quick time to value.
  • Optimized and hardened state of endpoint defense.
  • Elimination of physical and virtual endpoint blind spots.
  • Blocking of known, unknown and fileless attacks.
  • Detection of elusive attackers and zero-day threats.
  • Minimized incident recovery timeframe.
  • Isolation of compromised endpoints, preventing lateral spread.
  • Reduction in operating expenditure cost and resource demands.
  • Improvement in overall security posture.
  • Mitigation of potential business disruption.
  • Satisfaction of compliance requirements.

Customer Example

Global Law Firm

This Global Law Firm had recognized an increase in phishing attacks and sophisticated social engineering techniques being used, especially after a shift to remote working.

After quickly deploying WFA: Secured, they reduced one attacker’s total dwell time on the network to just 7.5 hours.

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