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Our Services

Our Services

Combine our leading technology and expert guidance to help you save time, expand your resources, reduce risk and transform faster.

Transformation to a Work From Anywhere environment is complicated.

The pace of change, combined with competing priorities from digital business, hybrid working, converging architectures, ransomware threats, and cloud migrations, has left I&O leaders struggling to introduce new technology. We understand.

Meanwhile, frustrated users are suffering from lost productivity due to poor performance, minor issues they don’t report, and security risks they neither understand nor care about.

The problem scales as:

  • The pace of change quickens but you must remain agile.
  • The future of work not only involves humans, but also IoT, machines and data.
  • Workplace locations become more diverse and include the home, re-imagined office spaces, branch offices, factories and other remote sites.
  • You invest further in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment.

Successful transformations prioritize user experience, and ensure the endpoint, branch and cloud can operate together as they meet at the edge. But planning, implementing and operating the right architecture when you lack sufficient time and resources inevitably adds to your daily pressures and stress.

You don’t have
the time

You don’t have
the resources

You don’t have
the insights

Our Work From Anywhere IT Services

Our Work From Anywhere IT services start with your users, applications and business processes in mind, prioritizing ‘policy at the point of need’. Each service combines leading technology with expert guidance to save you time, expand your resources, reduce risk and help you transform faster.

Leading with Zero Trust and SD-WAN, we’ll help you to build an agile roadmap to a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), ensuring the architecture is secure by design. And as you move your workloads further into the cloud, we’ll help you make decisions that optimize cost and performance.

But these changes would be meaningless unless you could see their impact. This is where visibility comes in. Our Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) services give you the insights you need for proactive troubleshooting, problem solving, and continuous measurement and improvement.

The integration of SASE, Cloud and DEM brings power to all other changes and helps you deliver the best user experience that your business will respect you for.

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SaaS Acceleration

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Service Delivery Models

Service Delivery Models

Our services group into two types of package: 1) Technology delivered As a Service, Co-Managed, or Managed Service; and 2) Professional Services and Support to accompany the leading technology you purchase.

What we deliver



  • Market research & technical testing
  • Agile roadmaps & workshops that help to define your requirements and prepare business cases
  • Selection of the right technology to deliver the outcomes you need
  • Pre-designed, scalable processes for design, implementation & management
  • Logistics & deployment experience in 140 countries



  • Shared-risk approach that includes knowledge transfer and service levels to suit your needs
  • Rapid deployment model that requires minimal IT support
  • Ready-made, real-time service dashboards and alerts that save you time & require minimal training
  • Analytics and Teneo insights that uncover hidden continuous improvement opportunities



  • Pre-built services powered by industry-leading technology
  • Specialist knowledge of visibility, security & performance
  • Pay as you grow services with a predictable monthly recurring cost
  • Cloud-hosted architecture that lower TCO
  • Integration with your current technology & service stack

Customer Portal

Access to our customer portal provides you with your latest service analytics, dashboards and reporting. You can log in at any time, so you’ll never need to wait for an update.

This is also where you’ll access the Teneo Service Desk. When you engage with our service engineers and Technical Customer Success Consultants, the customer portal will be the insights hub supporting all technical conversations and reviews.

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