WAN infrastructure requires a redesign

Today, many organizations recognize that they need to redesign their WAN infrastructure to improve performance, become more agile, simplify management, and enhance security, all while reducing cost.


Lean I&O teams lack time & resources

But this can be challenging for lean I&O teams, as they often lack the time and resources to design and implement transformational projects like SASE.


Change is too slow

And while most organizations want to quickly pivot in times of change, many find that their underlying WAN infrastructure isn’t fit to support such dynamic and digital business.

Take a different approach to your SASE project

Some teams are taking a different approach to SASE and are already seeing results from their SASE deployments in a short timeframe.

SASE Fundamentals from Teneo

Teneo’s SASE Fundamentals is a turnkey, all-in-one cloud-based platform, created for lean I&O teams that want to take advantage of the benefits of SASE, without introducing additional complexity and management overhead into their environment.

The platform combines enterprise-grade SD-WAN technology with next-generation security features, such as Next-Generation Firewall, Secure Web Gateway, IDS/IPS, Anti-Virus, and Secure Remote Access, all controlled and managed 24x7x365 by our dedicated team of experts.

SASE Fundamentals allows you to build a secure WAN fabric connecting Data Centers, branch locations, remote users and Cloud services, and enables you to harness the power of secure, software-defined networking at a predictable monthly price.

Our Approach



  • Solution requirements gathering.
  • Detailed HLD & LLD creation.
  • Customized site deployment guides.



  • Global supply of SASE hardware, licensing, and support.
  • White-glove global logistics service.



  • Migration design and planning.
  • Zero-touch onsite deployment service.



  • Fully managed service working as an extension of your team.
  • Lifecycle management with service enhancement and reporting.

Service Elements

You’ll find an overview of each of the elements that make up SASE Fundamentals below. You’ll also be able to learn more about our Managed Service highlights.


With full management from the central orchestrator, each edge node delivers the following SD-WAN functionality.

SD-WAN Functionality

  • Routing (Static/OSFP/BGP), SD-WAN, CGNAT and QoS 
  • Local Internet Breakout  
  • Full-Mesh and Hub-n-Spoke topologies 
  • Fully transport agnostic  
  • Ethernet, LTE & WiFi 
  • Multi-Link Dynamic Path Selection with Forward Error Correction 
  • Application Acceleration (license upgrade required) 
  • Fabric wide network visibility with live dashboards and historic reporting 
  • Physical, Virtual and Cloud form factors with single and HA deployment options 
  • Supports up to 20Gbps of throughput per location 
Next-Generation Firewall

Built into each edge node is fully integrated security and threat reporting functionality.

Next-Gen Firewall Functionality

  • Layer 7 Next-Generation Firewall 
  • URL Filtering 
  • DOS Protection 
  • IPS, Malware & Virus Protection (license upgrade required) 
  • Predefined and customizable AV, NG-IPS, URL categories 
  • Security risk, threat and incident reporting 
Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway provides protection to sites, home offices, and mobile users accessing distributed web applications without compromising security or performance.

Secure Web Gateway Functionality

  • Secure access to cloud and SaaS resources 
  • Protection against web-based threats and Malware 
  • Real Time Traffic inspection leveraging a Single Pass Architecture 
  • Fully compliant with industry and government regulations 
  • Highly scalable 
  • Off load security from the branch to the cloud  
  • Security risk, threat and incident reporting 
Secure Remote Access

Secure Remote Access is a distributed solution to securely connect distributed users to enterprise applications built on Zero Trust Network Access principals.

Secure Remote Access Functionality

  • Application Segmentation 
  • Multi-Factor Authentication  
  • Per User/User Group based control 
  • Network Obfuscation and Topology hiding 
  • Application and Network visibility 
  • Assured Application Experience 
  • Optional Private Hosted Gateways for enhanced privacy  
  • Access, risk, threat and incident reporting 
Managed Service

Delivered from Teneo Global Network Operations Centers, 24x7x365 by our team of SASE experts, we’ll ensure that your SD-WAN overlay and SASE features are available and delivering against your identified outcomes. 

Managed Service Highlights

  • Maintained Global Asset Register 
  • 24x7x375 network and security event monitoring 
  • Managed SD-WAN incident response
  • Managed RMA process with remote support for hardware swap out 
  • Managed changes to policy and logical configuration of your SASE environment 
  • Monthly statistical reporting with quarterly analysis 
  • Recommendation for service enhancement 
  • Lifecycle management  

Service Value

  • One platform

    All-in-One SASE architecture with cloud security stack and Zero Trust Network Access.
  • SASE workshop

    Collaborative SASE workshop process to identify and agree technical and commercial requirements.
  • Design experience

    Proven design process to de-risk your transition to SASE. 
  • Expert logistics

    No-hassle supply of kit to site.

Service Outcomes

  • Customizable deployment service to fit your resource level and requirements.
  • Fully managed service to maximize the long-term value of your SASE deployment.
  • Delivery of a secure and reliable network platform to underpin innovation and drive competitive advantage through technology. 

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Supporting Services

WAN Value Assessment

Our WAN Value Assessment provides a rich analysis of the common challenges and costs of your traditional router-centric network.

We deliver a compelling justification for the future WAN architecture we’d most recommend based on your strategic, financial, and operational priorities. The Assessment allows you to take quick and decisive action on the future of your WAN architecture to improve costs, efficiencies and business performance.

SD-WAN & SASE Workshop

Our SD-WAN & SASE Workshop aligns teams at the beginning of an SD-WAN or SASE project, provides real-life experience to help avoid pitfalls, and provides a structured approach to building a collaborative SD-WAN or SASE solution and business case.

Utilize our knowledge and expertise to help plan your SD-WAN and SASE strategies.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security that combines next-generation antivirus with elite threat hunting and endpoint detection & response (EDR) capabilities to eliminate blind spots that traditional prevention would miss.

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