Digital Experience Monitoring
Deliver a centralized, data-driven Digital Experience Monitoring strategy without the solution management overhead, reporting time, or unnecessary tool investment.

What is Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)?

The Digital Experience Monitoring landscape is evolving.

Previously, Digital Experience Monitoring solutions focused on availability and performance. But now Infrastructure and Operations leaders must be able to correlate technology KPIs with business outcomes, combine insights from human and machine-initiated interactions, and utilize these metrics to optimize customer and user experience across their application environments and hybrid working models.

The Digital Experience Monitoring evolution therefore requires a combination of Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Network Performance Monitoring (NPM), Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring (AA-NPM), and End User Experience Monitoring (EUEM) to analyze effectiveness and deliver observability. But simply having access to such tools doesn’t necessarily solve all problems.

Any digital user journey today consists of a complex set of business processes and back end transactions. But this creates the following challenges.

Siloed Processes

Multiple teams manage the work associated with a digital infrastructure, such as digital marketing, web management, application development, I&O and cyber security.

However, these teams typically work independently from each other with their own processes, tools, and goals.

When these teams aren’t in synergy, the user experience suffers because of a disjointed approach to measurement and performance.

Lack of Centralized Strategy

Employees and customers typically aren’t aware of the back end challenges, but they are fully aware of how they feel when interacting with web, mobile and social media applications, and expect a consistently positive experience.

A poor user experience can have a direct negative impact on revenue, employee and customer behavior, and other business metrics such as NPS, so being aware of how one affects the other is important.

Yet because of siloed processes and the management overhead required, many organizations lack a centralized Digital Experience Monitoring strategy.

A Digital Experience Monitoring strategy must place the end user at the center, unite siloed teams and tools, and make the most efficient use of management resources.

Interpretation & Sharing of Data

In addition to a lack of strategy, many teams lack data. They’re flying blind when it comes to digital experience, with no way of benchmarking status, let alone having the shared insights needed to make improvements.

Consolidated data and reporting are critical to any successful Digital Experience Monitoring strategy, where metrics can be benchmarked, and easy-to interpret dashboards can be shared across teams.

With united teams and tools and a centralized strategy, businesses can deliver consolidated metrics and reports that allow proactive identification and mitigation of issues that negatively impact user experience.

Take a different approach to DEM

Successful I&O leaders are utilizing Digital Experience Monitoring to preserve the reputation of the company and harness user experience for growth.

They’ve found a way to share data across silos, identify any vulnerabilities that contribute to outages, downtime, or disruptions to the customer or user experience, establish root cause, and determine the best resolutions without creating an extra overhead within their own teams.

Our approach to Digital Experience Monitoring

Digital Experience Monitoring from Teneo evaluates how your network and applications perform and analyzes real user behavior within those applications to ensure consistency across the customer and user experience.

Our experts work alongside your teams to deliver the insights they need across a centralized Digital Experience Monitoring strategy, without costing you additional management and reporting time, or unnecessary tool investment.

Supporting Teneo Services

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Supporting Technology Partners

Service Outcomes

  • Leverage our services to create a centralized and impactful Digital Experience Monitoring strategy.
  • Benchmark your Digital Experience Monitoring success.
  • Utilize data and dashboards to drive improvements that drive revenue and growth.
  • Entrust our team of experts with the management and upkeep of your Digital Experience Monitoring solution.
  • Identify vulnerabilities and root cause and receive resolution recommendations.
  • Improve operational efficiencies.
  • Break down silos across the teams that most influence digital experience.

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