Why You Need End User Experience Monitoring As A Service, Rather Than Just The Enterprise Software On Its Own

November 18, 2021

One of the biggest regrets of a longstanding Teneo customer recently was the lack of attention given up front to the resourcing requirements of an End User Experience Monitoring project. The realization of the number of hours required to set up and manage the enterprise software only hit home after the purchase. And if there was one thing this customer could have changed, they said it was factoring in the allocation of knowledgeable and available resource much earlier in the project.

While there was nothing wrong with the software’s ability to deliver the business case, what they hadn’t fully appreciated was the level of adjustment and interpretation that would be required to set up and refine the measurements that were most important to their organization. These measurements would ultimately deliver the greatest user experience improvements and ROI, and time to value was important.

Hurdles were encountered in 3 main areas:

System Setup

From developing application signatures and setting alert thresholds to ensuring agents were successfully installed on all endpoints, this stage required extra planning time and co-ordination.

Dashboard Configuration

End User Experience Monitoring software contains a whole plethora of metrics that can be measured, but cutting through the noise and selecting the right metrics to add to your dashboards takes time, and can give even the most operationally-minded individual a headache.

Solution Adoption & Acting on Insights

Configuring the right dashboards isn’t even half of the work. The most impactful part of End User Experience Monitoring comes when a) your team starts to use it and b) you’re able to interpret those dashboards, act on the insights they bring, and fine-tune or update them over time to drive the right outcomes.

What difference would End User Experience Monitoring as a service have made?

Understanding your digital user environment is paramount to delivering a good user experience. In turn, this improves user positivity, productivity, happiness, and ultimately agility for your business. But the software on its own isn’t enough.

Instead, an embedded service can significantly enhance the value an End User Experience Monitoring solution provides by adding outcome-driven expertise to your team.

Working with a partner to deliver End User Experience as a service brings benefits that you’d struggle to match internally with limited knowledge and resources. In fact, a service justifies itself especially in these two key ways:

  • When your service partner has knowledge of many customers across many diverse environments; and
  • When they’re able to help you to find issues and lead you quickly to problem resolution.

Teneo’s End User Experience Monitoring service, WFA: Visible, follows a well-planned process, from system setup to reporting. We also include knowledge transfer, so you can stay up to speed with solution deployment in the event that you want to take over management at any point in the future.

Having worked with Aternity, the enterprise software that powers WFA: Visible, for more than 5 years, our experience includes hundreds of technical hours working with customers across a range of geographies and industries.

Our service includes a mixture of standard and Teneo library dashboards, all pre-built around the most-requested metrics in other I&O teams, so you can cut to the chase and get going with data visualization from day one. Such dashboard-building expertise and understanding of data KPIs as benchmarks can help you to quickly move the indicator through a data science-based, analytical approach, as well as define related actions and objectives.

To keep you updated, we deliver incident alerts by email, along with on-demand and scheduled reports. Plus, you’ll always have access to our 24×7 helpdesk.

We also hold a monthly visibility insights meeting and deliver monthly feature updates so you get the best the solution has to offer. With this extra layer of know-how, your team is free to focus on continuous business improvement, while we answer the many ‘how to’ and ’what if’ questions.

Through knowledge sharing and result interpretation by Teneo specialists, you’ll have the information to drive forward actions that improve outcomes across your digital workplace,  wherever your distributed users are working from.

If you’ve been asking yourself why you need End User Experience Monitoring as a service, rather than just the enterprise software on its own, you may want to check out our full End User Experience Monitoring service overview here.

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