Why You Should Seek Help With End User Experience Monitoring Dashboards

November 30, 2021

It’s often said that time is the most precious resource you have. Once you’ve spent it, you won’t get it back, so your priority should be to invest it wisely.

When it comes to End User Experience monitoring, choosing the right priority can be difficult. Time investment choices often fall between:

1) Building, changing, creating, and customizing dashboards for troubleshooting purposes across the organization; and

2) The interpretation of dashboard insights to make informed, confident decisions.

The reality is that both have equal importance. But when organizations try to invest time in both areas internally, one area or the other tends to suffer due to limitations caused by time, and lack of experience.

For some leaders, the thought of leaning on outside help to support these internal time and experience constraints can be uncomfortable. Their greatest fear is losing control and risking their reputation if a solution doesn’t work out.

There are hybrid options out there though that give you the best of both worlds, where specialists provide the most popular, pre-built library dashboards that deliver self-service, proactive remediation metrics and capabilities that you can leverage in addition to their advice as part of an embedded service. Such an approach means you remain in control, and can make decisions with greater confidence.

Below is an example of the most popular End User Experience Monitoring dashboards we offer at Teneo through our WFA: Visible service. They can help you to save your budget by:

  • Eliminating level 1 trouble tickets
  • Reducing unnecessary hardware and software spend
  • Speeding mean time to repair
  • Measuring the impact of change on your workforce

In each video, our experts outline the benefits and a quick technical overview of each dashboard. These same experts would join you at a monthly visibility insights meeting to share reports and make sure the service continually meets your needs.

Digital Experience Index (DXI) Dashboard

If you’re not sure where to start when prioritizing investments that will have the greatest impact on user experience, this dashboard is for you! Teneo’s WFA: Visible DXI Dashboard allows you to be 5 times faster at prioritizing objectives, identifying what to improve, and reporting on improvement.

Global Summary Dashboard

This dashboard gives you an overall picture of the health and stability your endpoints to ensure a positive employee experience for your hybrid workforce. Metrics include health events, stability, activity score, and user experience.

Microsoft Office Dashboard

The Microsoft Office Dashboard helps you to analyze usage trends and track adoption across your organization. It also allows you to speed up problem resolution by isolating application performance problems to the user’s device, the network, or the SaaS vendor’s back-end. You’ll be able to measure any performance variations when Microsoft makes app and infrastructure changes too. This provides some much-needed help to reduce finger-pointing!

For a more detailed demo of our WFA: Visible service dashboards, please contact us, or you can arrange a convenient time to meet with us here.

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