3 Ways Teneo Supports Cloud Migration

March 27, 2019


Network topology is changing as organizations move to the cloud. Apps now run in a combination of legacy data centers, multiple private cloud environments and as SaaS, so it makes more sense to design today’s network around the application and its users rather than physical locations.

Teneo helps make application migration to the cloud easier. There are 3 core things we focus on to help you be more successful in the cloud as follows:

1) Visibility

With cloud services today, we believe the main focus should be on the end user experience and what’s happening with your applications. Our Visibility services allow you to see how apps behave over the network and in the cloud, and if there are problems occurring in the application code, across the infrastructure, the links, the servers and the data centers, all the way to end user devices. If you’re looking at moving an application to the cloud, you’ll want to baseline how it behaves first in case the network or the application itself needs to be redesigned to achieve the at least the same end user experience levels after migration.

2) Acceleration

WAN Optimization technology now accelerates applications to the cloud. One of the biggest problems with the cloud is distance. It can take a long time for the application to get from the cloud service provider to the user as it’s much further away, which creates more latency. With cloud acceleration, this problem is solved. In addition, because it’s difficult to move large amounts of data to the cloud, we can help you move data 5-10x faster. Read more about our SaaS Acceleration service here.


Data centers have evolved but many edge sites are still running the same technology as 20 years ago. With SD-WAN, you can provision new cloud services to remote sites, directly from the cloud with one click and set policies through orchestration. This means you can consolidate the hardware you have at the branch, which helps to save costs and management time, and control the resources allocated to mission-critical applications centrally. For example, you could change policies for video conferencing, so voice is sent over MPLS, but video is sent over Internet to reduce costs at the click of a button. Read more about our SD-WAN services.

The benefits of the cloud are that you can move faster to introduce new services while keeping existing legacy technology where it makes most sense. To discuss how Teneo can support you with a smooth cloud migration, please get in touch at info@teneo.net.

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