Transform Data into Actionable Insights to Empower Digital Experiences

September 29, 2022

Today we are living and working in a world that is digital-first and hybrid by design, with cloud, SaaS and legacy technologies working together, and employees working from everywhere.

In this world, a click is everything. That action comes with intent and expectation—of a flawless digital experience. These experiences are the heartbeat of the fierce and competitive landscape we all work in. And when digital services fail to deliver a flawless experience, it can impact your brand, and undermine your ability to achieve important objectives tied to revenue, cost, productivity and risk.

In this complex and distributed environment, many IT teams are finding it more challenging to deliver seamless digital experiences to customers and employees. IT organizations are overwhelmed by massive amounts of data and alerts flooding them from siloed tools that provide little context or actionable insights, when issues occur. As a result, IT teams rely on a few highly skilled individuals, who are in short supply and high demand, to manually investigate and troubleshoot issues.

This is one of the industry’s most daunting problems: how to provide seamless digital experiences that are high performing and secure in a hybrid world of distributed users and applications, exploding data, and soaring IT complexity.

Although observability was meant to solve these problems, current solutions fall short—failing to capture all relevant telemetry, and instead sample data to deal with the scale of today’s distributed environment.

Until Now. 

Riverbed saw the need for a differentiated approach to solve the challenges resulting from this IT complexity and to go beyond the basics of monitoring, testing, and management. For the past 18 months, we’ve been investing in a unified approach to observability—unifying IT data, insights and actions to empower IT to deliver exceptional digital experiences to users everywhere. Today, we’re proud to introduce you to Alluvio IQ—our new cloud native SaaS-delivered unified observability solution.

Alluvio IQ transforms the overabundance of data and alerts into actionable insights and intelligent automation for IT organizations. Powered by AI/ML correlation, Alluvio IQ’s scripted investigations replicate expert IT workflows to gather event context, filter noise, and identify the most business-impacting events to act on. With full stack, full-fidelity telemetry, intelligent correlation, and workflow automation, Alluvio IQ delivers actionable insights that empower all IT skill levels to resolve problems quickly and improve digital service quality. Enabling IT organizations to “shift left” allows all staff to do the job of more experienced IT experts, ultimately freeing up resources to focus on strategic business initiatives.

Alluvio IQ is the first service to be delivered on the Alluvio Unified Observability platform—a secure, highly available and scalable SaaS platform for cloud-native observability services. Alluvio IQ and the Platform are part of the Alluvio by Riverbed portfolio, which also includes industry-leading visibility tools for network performance management (NPM), IT Infrastructure Monitoring (ITIM) and Digital Experience Management (DEM), which encompasses application performance management (APM) and end user experience monitoring (EUEM).

The Alluvio IQ Unified Observability platform and  Alluvio IQ enable faster, more effective decision-making across business and IT. To learn more about Alluvio IQ, our approach to Unified Observability and how we can help you deliver on the click and the digital promise behind it, visit Alluvio IQ.


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Guest Author: Dan Smoot, President and CEO, Riverbed Technology

Dan Smoot was appointed President and CEO for Riverbed Technology in June 2021. He brings more than 30 years of leadership experience including most recently as COO responsible for Worldwide Sales, Channels and Alliances, Sales Operations and Customer Experience at Riverbed. He has also held top leadership positions at Salesforce, Cisco and VMware.


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