WFA: Optimized

SaaS Acceleration
Enhance user experience, improve SaaS application performance and reduce SaaS operating costs.

Negative cloud trade-offs

Migrating applications to the cloud gives I&O teams better control and flexibility to deliver collaborative SaaS solutions like Microsoft O365, Box, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.

But what most don’t realize is that, in transitioning from an on-premises application to a cloud-hosted solution, the trade-offs are often degraded performance levels and an unsatisfactory user experience.


Multiple factors influencing performance

Bandwidth and latency are the two most important measures of network performance.

But for SaaS applications, certain times of day, Wi-Fi connections, end user locations, devices, files sizes and unpredictable Internet traffic spikes all influence performance too.


Separate optimization strategy

SaaS applications therefore need their own optimization strategy, similar to any other critical applications, but one that’s designed with these extra performance factors in mind.

But when you’re pushed for time and have limited resources, introducing new technology such as SaaS Acceleration can be a challenge.

Take a different approach to SaaS Acceleration

Forward-thinking Infrastructure & Operations leaders have found a better way to enhance user experience and reduce SaaS operating costs by minimizing bandwidth usage, errors, and network overhead.

WFA: Optimized from Teneo

Managed by experts, WFA: Optimized, Teneo’s SaaS Acceleration service, does exactly this and can be applied to key SaaS applications you most need to optimize, such as Microsoft O365, Box, Salesforce, and ServiceNow.

Our customers have accelerated SaaS performance up to 33x by mitigating latency and reducing bandwidth by up to 99%.

WFA: Optimized pricing is available for 1000+ users (Enterprise), 250-999 users (Corporate), and 100-249 users (Team).

Service Level Summary
  • SaaS Acceleration for Microsoft O365 as standard
  • SaaS Acceleration for Box, Salesforce & ServiceNow available at an additional cost​
  • Monthly performance insights meeting
  • 24×7 helpdesk

Our Approach



  • Understand your current SaaS application environment.
  • Understand the business outcomes you need to achieve.



  • Define the right SaaS Acceleration specifications for your needs.
  • Plan your service implementation.



  • Project manage your service installation & configuration.
  • Set up our 24×7 proactive monitoring and reporting platform.



  • Manage your SaaS Acceleration solution through our team of
  • Handle issues, manage and implement software updates.
  • Provide reporting, notifications and recommendations.

Service Value

  • Around the clock support

    WFA: Optimized delivers 24x7 SaaS Acceleration support. You'll work with the same Teneo people, every time we’re in contact.
  • Experienced engineers

    Leverage the significant experience of our certified engineers to get the most value from the SaaS Acceleration insights we provide.
  • Expert advice

    Get the best advice on how to improve SaaS performance and collaborate to implement changes.
  • Quarterly reporting

    Stay up to date with service metrics and outcomes, and receive our recommendations for improvements.

Service Outcomes

  • Accelerate SaaS performance up to 33x by mitigating latency and reducing bandwidth by up to 99%.
  • Improve user productivity and satisfaction.
  • Easily scale licenses with a service that’s ready to go in minutes.
  • Automate complex troubleshooting operations, pro-actively identify faults in near real-time, and take corrective action before users even notice or complain.
  • Apply the service to laptops, remote desktops or entire sites, and easily add new or additional applications as needed.
  • Achieve fast and positive ROI from your SaaS application migration.
  • Predict the monthly cost of all routine management work and save money in the long term.
  • Free up management resource and time for other, higher priority things as Teneo takes SaaS Acceleration off your hands.

Customer Examples

Schneider Electric

Find out how Cloud and SaaS Acceleration supported Schneider Electric’s IT migration to cloud computing for increased agility.

Commercial Real Estate Firm

When one commercial real estate customer migrated to Microsoft O365 for email & SharePoint services, they quickly discovered severe performance issues. It was taking approximately 5-10 minutes to download a large email file or open a document in SharePoint.

With WFA: Optimized from Teneo, results showed dramatic performance improvement. This included a time saving of 73% and a bandwidth reduction of 62% for O365 users.


Global Professional Services Firm

When this Global Professional Services Firm moved to remote working during the pandemic, they wanted the same, office-like performance for their remote employees.

However, they soon realized that good performance wasn’t possible, especially when using SaaS applications such as Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint, and O365. Internal servers were extremely slow.

But within the first few months of implementation of WFA: Optimized, the firm already noted a 63% reduction rate on SaaS traffic. They also saw an increased rate of 22.6x optimized bandwidth.


Demo Video

WFA: Optimized Demo Video

See how Teneo’s WFA: Optimized service can help to speed up O365 uploads, downloads, and overall performance. In this video we demo how you too can improve performance in SharePoint by up to 82% and enable your Work From Anywhere workforce to be more productive.


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