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Remote Worker Productivity

Remote Worker Productivity

Proactively reduce IT issues for remote workers and react quickly when they arise, maximizing productivity when it matters most.

Remote worker challenges today

Office workers are less productive

Many organizations originally viewed the recent increase in remote working as a crisis measure that would soon be reversed.

However, what they didn’t understand was that companies that want to remain competitive would choose to retain a much higher remote working population in the longer term.

The reasons for this are that office workers are 13% less efficient than remote workers according to a recent study, while also carrying a heavier real estate burden, greater sickness absence levels and increased staff turnover.

Further, 65% of employees say they now want to work from home.

But remote workers are suffering in silence

In contrast though, remote workers are less likely to contact the IT service desk to report minor issues they experience. Instead, they regularly suffer in silence with problems that are invisible to the IT team.

Pressure on the IT team increases due to:

  • Unreported laptop issues
  • Incompatible devices
  • Interrupted services
  • Unsecure environments
  • Unreliable connectivity
  • High VPN usage

Many teams don’t realize how much of a reverse effect these factors can have on productivity levels. They also put an organization’s ability to deliver good customer service at risk.

The Productivity Gap

The daily downtime that IT teams can’t see due to these issues is effectively “The Productivity Gap”.

To close this, companies that are looking to leverage remote working as a competitive advantage are ensuring they have a window into any IT challenges their remote workers are facing.

This means they can proactively reduce issues before they arise and react immediately to any that do, while reinforcing their remote workers’ productivity and company profitability.

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How successful organizations are approaching this issue

How successful organizations are approaching this issue

Successful organizations have found a way to harness a 13% improvement in remote worker productivity and turn it into their biggest competitive advantage.

Our Remote Worker Productivity service

Our Remote Worker Productivity service allows you to monitor remote worker experience while also optimizing SaaS applications and improving security, without impacting your IT team’s workload.

Service Value

Our Remote Worker Productivity service delivers a fast and flexible model of on demand services to give you the scalability you need to provide continuous IT services for remote workers.

Organizations are using these services to gain the performance acceleration, visibility of user experience, and security levels they need for remote workers to remain productive.

Our service model can quickly pay for itself by allowing your remote workforce to get their jobs done more efficiently, collaborate with co-workers and provide customers with the support and attention they need when it matters most.

What We Do

Only Teneo can provide you with a service that offers an instant, scalable, flexible, and cost-effective way to continuously deliver IT services to your remote workers in the long term.

Our Remote Worker Productivity service allows you to leverage remote working as the biggest opportunity your organization has to gain competitive advantage. The service includes these elements:



Together, we’ll help your organization to achieve the 13% productivity gains from increased remote worker visibility, security and performance.

Service Levels

Our Remote Worker Productivity service is available in three levels: Visible, Optimized, and Secured. There is also an option to add professional services to augment each tier.

Pricing is available for 1000+ users (Enterprise), 250-999 users (SMB), and 100-249 users (Team).


Delivers visibility into performance for key applications such as O365, as well as allowing you to quickly and proactively troubleshoot remote user issues, from a lack of memory to laptop crashes.

Service level summary:

  • Visibility of O365, Office apps, Adobe, Notes and UC apps (Zoom, Skype)
  • Device and System visibility
  • 2 Training Days
  • Customization of up to 5 library dashboards
  • Monthly Visibility Insights Meeting
  • 24×7 Helpdesk

What we deliver:

  • On demand reports for dashboards
  • Scheduled Reports package
  • OS health dashboard
  • KPI Summary Dashboard
  • User Experience Scores
  • User Experience by location
  • Device Stability Score
  • Device Type Stability Score
  • Application Performance Score
  • Office 365 Performance Dashboard
  • IT Operations User/Device Search
  • Incident Alerts by email
  • Summary Incident Report
  • Monthly Feature Updates


Builds on the Visible option and lets you significantly accelerate key SaaS applications such as O365, Dropbox and Salesforce.

Service level summary:

Everything in ‘Visible’ and:

  • Office 365 up to 8x faster
  • Salesforce up to 10x faster
  • Box, ServiceNow and Veeva faster
  • Bandwidth reduction of up to 99%
  • 5GB of optimized data per user
  • Monthly Performance Insights Meeting

What we deliver:

  • Visibility of 1 Custom application with​ 4 activities
  • Customization of up to 7 library dashboards
  • Customer-hosted application performance increase*


Provides endpoint security backed by expert threat hunters to protect your remote workers.

Secured includes all the features of Optimized and adds security to the suite.

Service level summary:

Everything in ‘Optimized’ and:

  • Next-Generation Antivirus
  • Endpoint Detection and Response
  • Hands-on Expert Threat Hunters
  • Automated threat blocking with predictive modeling
  • Remote managed containment of threat actors
  • Monthly Security Insights Meeting

What we deliver:

  • Visibility of 2 Custom applications with 4 activities
  • Customization of up to 10 library dashboards
  • 7GB of Optimized data per User

Additional services

Professional Service options available:

  • Additional visibility into custom applications
  • Bespoke Dashboards
  • On demand consulting
  • Additional optimized data
  • Falcon Overwatch – human threat detection

Service Outcomes

  • Instant, scalable, and cost-effective way to continuously deliver IT services to your remote workers and drive competitive advantage.
  • Pay as you grow with a predictable monthly recurring cost, saving you money, time, and effort in the long term by only using the licenses you need.
  • Leverage our expertise to fully understand remote worker visibility, security and performance data, to quickly resolve issues and get to the root cause of remote worker IT challenges.
  • Tailor our services to your remote workforce needs and always benefit from the latest software updates, features, and functionality.

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