Leading US law firm improves visibility, security, and performance with Teneo’s WFA Visible

August 03, 2021

Theale UK, and Dulles, VA, USA, August 3rd, 2021 – A leading US law firm has selected Teneo’s End User Experience Monitoring service, WFA Visible, to take proactive steps to improve user experience, IT performance and reduce costs. Previously the company was suffering from poor application performance and bug issues, which had prompted user complaints and was estimated to cost the firm millions of dollars in lost productivity.

When approaching the challenges, the company’s lack of visibility across its IT infrastructure made it difficult to understand where the performance issues were arising. This forced the IT services team to work primarily on a reactionary rather than a proactive basis. As a result, diagnosis and resolution of user-impacting issues were slow, leading to a poor end-user experience.

The company’s Director of Architecture and Desktop Services said: “To make the necessary improvements, it was clear that issues across performance and security needed to be addressed proactively; we needed to stop the bleed. But, with a lack of visibility, we couldn’t see where the issues were coming from, and there was no way to measure the health of the endpoints.”

Turning to Teneo’s WFA Visible service, the law firm developed a strategy that would enable them to gain the precise insights needed to monitor and manage user experience, improve performance for critical applications, and quickly and proactively troubleshoot remote user issues. This included addressing chronic problems, such as poor laptop batteries, driver issues, high CPU and memory.

“As an IT team, we don’t want to be like Superman: a hero coming in to save the day as a one-off event,” said the Director of Architecture and Desktop Services. “We’d prefer to be more like Batman: silently but surely keeping everything working in the background.”

As a result of the insight gained, the company switched company-wide devices from a mixture of laptops and desktops to 100% laptops. They also changed their laptop manufacturer from Lenovo to Dell to increase hardware capacity. This resulted in significant savings of $600 per unit and a 50% jump in hardware capacity, as well as a 100% improvement in performance.

The company estimates a $100K savings in infrastructure costs and substantial time savings made for the IT team in terms of understanding priority in hardware replacement schedule and problem root-cause analysis.

Additionally, the company has made significant improvements to IT security and compliance, which is extremely important to the law firm, especially from an application perspective. They now utilize Teneo’s WFA Visible service to gain insight into machines that risk causing compliance or patching drift. Previously, 50% of company devices were lagging behind the patch cycle. This has reduced to less than 1% following the implementation of changes made.

“The expertise and guidance from Teneo are exceptional. I’ve always felt like we’re an important customer. Teneo’s WFA Visible, End User Experience Monitoring, has become very sticky and an essential part of how we do things; it’s become embedded in our process. It’s a true partnership, and our teams bounce off one another. We are huge fans!”


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