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Most Network and Security teams are overworked so making progress is a challenge. We securely connect users to their applications by combining leading technology with expert guidance. You stay in control, simplify your operations and keep ahead of the game.

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Network and security teams often face an overload of tasks, managing complex systems that are costly and difficult to maintain, especially when key experts leave. These complexities can lead to insecure and inefficient business operations. Simplifying these systems reduces risks, saves money, and improves efficiency and user experience.

Teneo specializes in simplifying technology through innovation. We assess your current setup and goals, offer fresh ideas, and provide strong implementation and ongoing support. Our mission is to “open minds to new possibilities”, ensuring easier and secure application access for users. Ultimately, connecting users in a way that is secure and optimized and observable will allow your team to deliver what the business needs.​

To help businesses achieve this, we created StreamlineX, an innovative framework combining market-leading technologies.​

The Teneo StreamlineX framework brings together eight key areas critical to modern IT infrastructure, which encompass AI Network Operations to Advanced End Point Protection. The roadmap of innovation we develop with you might include simplifying network and security in a SASE model, using AI to optimize end user security or shining a light on your users’ experience to gain the insights needed to make changes where it matters most.

down quote up quote When you work with Teneo, you’re in a safe pair of hands. They know how to deliver. I would definitely recommend them.
quote image of Bradley Tullett
Bradley Tullett
Head of IT - Infrastructure & Operations, Mott MacDonald
down quote up quote It was important that we had access to support contacts, available to help with day-to-day management, but also a team with the appropriate level of management expertise. Teneo’s Co-Managed SD-WAN Service best matched what we wanted to achieve.
quote image of Michael Meredith
Michael Meredith
UK & US IT Operations Manager, Argenta
down quote up quote Teneo’s services represent really good value. They know our business well and they have thorough knowledge and experience. Like many of us, I’m in meetings 3.5 days out of 5 so I don’t have time to chase partners. I rely on reporting from partners like Teneo, as well as new ideas and innovation.
quote image of Bhavin Patel
Bhavin Patel
Head of IT Infrastructure, Plan International
down quote up quote The expertise and guidance from Teneo are exceptional. I've always felt like we're an important customer. The Teneo team aren't overbearing, and they get things just right. Our partnership with Teneo has made a significant impact on the business. It's a true partnership, where our teams bounce off one another. We are huge fans!
Director of Architecture and Desktop Services
Leading U.S. Law Firm
down quote up quote Teneo’s willingness to help and attitude towards us as the customer is a pleasure to see, and very different in contrast to the systems integrators. We’ve always appreciated their honesty throughout the course of the relationship. I know that, if Teneo’s recommending a solution, then it works in real-world scenarios.
Group IT Team Lead
Multinational Consumer Goods Organization
down quote up quote Teneo demonstrated a deep understanding of SD-WAN and how to implement a deployment in a similar environment, company size and geographies.
Group IT Team Representative
Multinational Consumer Goods Organization
down quote up quote As an IT team, we don’t want to be like Superman: a hero coming in to save the day as a one-off event. We’d prefer to be more like Batman: silently but surely keeping everything working in the background.
Director of Architecture and Desktop Services
Leading U.S Law Firm
down quote up quote The commitment from the service team is exceptional, and I appreciate the honest answers that Teneo provides. They’ve been especially helpful with shipping and clearance in Africa. The team are also great fun to work with!
quote image of Bhavin Patel, Head of IT Infrastructure
Bhavin Patel, Head of IT Infrastructure
Plan International
down quote up quote Our relationship with Teneo is great, and they work on building it, which is so important. We don’t just want to buy a product, implement it, and renew it – we want a two-way relationship, and that’s exactly what we get with Teneo. Their knowledge is exceptional, and we can breathe a little easier knowing we have a partner to rely on.
IT Systems Specialist Manager
AI-based Email Security
down quote up quote Teneo provided us with the license and platform to enable implementation. Within a few days, we rolled out the solution across the business quickly and easily. It was a very straightforward process, with no red tape, which is exactly what we wanted.
quote image of Darryl Mitchell - IT Services Manager
Darryl Mitchell - IT Services Manager
Lighspeed Broadband

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