SD-WAN supports enhanced enterprise security and customer responsiveness, says Teneo at Infosec 2019

May 31, 2019

Theale, UK, May 31 2019 – Teneo, the Work From Anywhere IT services company, will be showing how SD-WAN (software-defined wide area networks) technologies used in security strategies help global enterprises reduce threats and become more responsive to their customers, at Infosec 2019, at Olympia from June 4-6.

Teneo says that branch office autonomy, mobile working and end users flipping between multiple devices all introduce new security risk factors, but new SD-WAN offerings can help manage, gain visibility of, and secure these autonomous enterprises and complex infrastructures.

Marc Sollars, Teneo CTO, explains: “SD-WAN providers have set up successful alliances with security vendors and endpoint device suppliers, so SD-WAN and security technologies can now be used in tandem to lock-down remote applications and network access points for autonomous enterprises and local branches, boosting security and enhancing staff productivity.”

He says that growing interest in SD-WAN’s security capabilities is changing buyers’ perceptions: “Vendors originally focused on SD-WAN’s centralized control of networks and components, path selection for application traffic, and cost savings over earlier networking solutions, but now its value in enterprise security is increasingly being understood.”

Marc Sollars believes that using SD-WAN within security deployments can pay dividends: “We have seen security-focused companies planning next-stage traffic routing, knowing it will be a very complex task. But once their key stakeholders have assessed SD-WAN’s capabilities within a security strategy, they realize that a simpler approach can be to run traffic over networks using SD-WAN with a web-based user interface while encrypting network end points.”

He warns that such strategies demand careful planning: “Using SD-WAN effectively in security demands a broad decision-making unit, with CIO, CISO and networking chiefs all being on the same page – in terms of their knowledge and the business outcomes they want. Through this collaborative approach, enterprises can identify their security and business needs while risk assessing the SD-WAN deployment.”

Drawing on seven years’ expertise in SD-WAN implementations, Teneo’s experts will be demonstrating their unique CAPS methodology – for cost, agility, performance and security – to help in-house security and networking teams risk assess and optimise SD-WAN deployments.

Teneo ‘visibility with security workshop’ – deals with information overwhelm

Teneo will also highlight its new ‘visibility with security workshop’ which enables different teams to cope with today’s explosion in network monitoring and security analytics information, deal with growing network maintenance workloads and better prioritise security incident responses.

The workshop combines expert networking consultancy and advanced packet-broking technologies to give enterprise CIOs, security professionals and networking managers a clearer and more consistent view of the different network infrastructure and security issues they face.

Teneo’s workshop sessions deliver bespoke recommendations on how security and networking devices – run by different teams across the IT estate – can be optimally configured from a central point to run more effectively rather than sending all traffic to all devices in series. This smarter approach results in more effective monitoring, fewer warnings going to IT teams, who themselves can better identify potential security threats to and infrastructure problems affecting their organization.


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