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May 31, 2019

SD-WAN is not about Saving Money
There, I said it! And it feels good to get it out there. What if I told you that I know of businesses that are using SD-WAN and getting better outcomes from their existing WAN circuits due to understanding how the underlay circuit is really performing and then using the right circuit at the right time. Find out why I think it’s time to stop thinking about the hard cash and open your mind to the benefits to your business, and how technology can help you achieve your goals. Article by Marc Sollars.

Podcast: Retailer revitalizes in-store experience with SD-WAN
A lot of people have been sharing their favourite podcasts with me recently, and we wanted to pay it forward and share one with the wider Teneo community. Packet pushers (who put CTO Marc Sollars “On The Spot” about SD-WAN at the UK WAN Summit) have been talking to a UK homeware retailer, Dunelm to find out how they revitalized in-store experience with SD-WAN. It’s well worth a listen.

Introducing Prisma: The Secure Way to Cloud
We were very excited to see hot off the press this week that Palo Alto Networks have announced Prisma – a comprehensive cloud security suite designed to help customers lead a more secure digital life. Prisma will transform the cloud journey by simplifying access, data protection and application security. It’s already available and you With Prisma, organizations can securely connect office branches and mobile users to the cloud, confidently embrace the use of SaaS applications, and rapidly develop and deploy cloud applications.

Fast & Secure SD-WAN
One of the aspects of our SD-WAN workshop that we’ve had some great feedback about is our coverage of Cloud & SaaS Security. SD-WAN means that to access the Cloud, branch traffic no longer needs to be routed through traditional core network architecture. But this means you now must think about where to place your security. Here’s one option of what a fast AND secure SD-WAN can look like.

Changing the game with People-Centric Security
Your people are your greatest asset, they are also your biggest vulnerability. And people are busy. They’re distracted. Sometimes they click the wrong things. Even your best people can open the wrong email, fall victim to fraud, and make the same digital mistakes we all make. We’ve teamed up with Proofpoint, so you can build a defence that starts with them.

Will Networking professionals need to become Generalists by 2020?
This month We’ve been speaking to Data Center & Network news about a recent survey that we commissioned. Our research found that companies’ biggest drain on resources and budget when trying to maintain their networking teams’ skills, is the sheer number of infrastructure monitoring software tools that these teams use. Let me know what you think about the findings – do they resonate with your team?

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