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WFA: SD-WAN Workshop

WFA: SD-WAN Workshop

Utilize our knowledge and expertise to help plan your SD-WAN strategy with an SD-WAN Workshop.

of vision to
business goals

Today, many networking, infrastructure and security teams have ambitions to redesign their WAN infrastructure. They’re looking to improve performance, become more agile, simplify management, and enhance security, all while reducing cost.

But where they often fail is in aligning a collective vision for SD-WAN with business objectives and technical requirements.

Lack of in-house
SD-WAN knowledge
and experience

They miss the opportunity to fully explore these as a team due to a lack of knowledge and experience, over-stretched resources, limited time, and poor communication.


The consequences are a lack of stakeholder alignment, misunderstandings and isolated decision-making.

This ultimately leads to project back-tracking, overruns, and unrealized business benefits.

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Take a different approach to SD-WAN discovery

Take a different approach to SD-WAN discovery

Some teams are taking a different approach and are already seeing results from their SD-WAN projects in a short timeframe.

With an SD-WAN Workshop, they’ve found a way to leverage external expertise & experience to unite them and fill their own knowledge gaps.

This has enabled them to accelerate their SD-WAN time to value by ensuring everyone approaches SD-WAN on the same page.

SD-WAN Workshop from Teneo

Teneo’s SD-WAN Workshop aligns teams at the beginning of an SD-WAN project, provides real-life experience to help avoid pitfalls, and provides a structured approach to building a collaborative SD-WAN solution and business case.

SD-WAN Workshop Stages

Our SD-WAN Workshop involves pre-work and is delivered in multiple parts as follows.

SD-WAN Workshop Pre-work

To get the most out of our SD-WAN Workshop, it’s highly recommended that you research certain topics in advance. We’ll help you decide what those topics should be. Examples include:

  • Business objectives for your SD-WAN project
  • Current WAN and WAN Edge costs
  • Network topology and protocols
  • Key Applications and associated SLAs
  • Desire to simplify leveraging a “cloud first architecture”
  • Current ‘legacy’ WAN issues and service limitations you’d like to resolve
  • Current ‘legacy’ WAN security issues you’d like to resolve

SD-WAN Workshop Part 1 - Business Objectives

In Part 1 of the SD-WAN workshop, we’ll cover:

  • What does SD-WAN mean to you?
  • Your justifications for moving to SD-WAN
  • What does SD-WAN need to deliver to your business?
  • Current WAN and WAN Edge costs and areas for potential savings

SD-WAN Workshop Part 2 - Technical Requirements

In the section we’ll deep dive into your technical requirements, including:


  • Understanding of your network environment and application topology
  • How and where users access your applications and IT services
  • Review of network management, covering people, processes and associated SLAs
  • Identify any limiting factors that will affect SD-WAN design or deployment
  • Consider other planned IT projects and Initiatives


  • Review current WAN connectivity
  • Where do you need to make savings?
  • Current WAN costs for carriers, management, contract management, etc.
  • Current carrier providers, their SLAs and what SLAs you need
  • What bandwidth priorities do you have?
  • Current WAN Edge technology, refresh cycles and assessment of “SD-WAN” as a replacement
  • Managed service considerations


  • Overview of your locations & time zones
  • Structure & responsibilities of internal network team
  • How much do you want to control vs how easy are things to manage?
  • How dynamic is your business regarding M&A, site turn-up/tear down?
  • Current and future use of the Cloud: IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Current vs desired failover times
  • Real-time change and incident response requirements
  • Analytics


  • Critical applications & power users
  • IaaS & SaaS Performance
  • WAN Optimization requirements incl. Cloud & Mobile
  • Wi-Fi access
  • QoS policy & performance SLAs
  • VoIP quality
  • Managing user experience based on Loss, Latency and Jitter


  • Review of existing network security and desired security posture
  • Compliance and encryption level requirements
  • Network segmentation and virtual routing and forwarding requirements
  • Cloud Secure Web Gateways (SWG)
  • Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and VPNs
  • Web Application and API Protection
  • Remote Browser Isolation
  • DNS & Wi-Fi Protection


  • Resources & skills assessment
  • Required project timelines
  • Identify where 3rd party support will be required

SD-WAN Workshop Part 3 - Solution Requirements Document (SRD)

For Part 3 of our SD-WAN workshop, we’ll produce an SD-WAN Solutions Requirements Document (SRD) that will capture all of the data collected in Part 2 of the workshop.

This document will be sent to you for comment and review. Once all the requirements have been agreed, we’ll work on creating an SD-WAN solution to meet your needs based on the SRD.

In addition, you’ll be able to use the SRD to guide decision-making when moving forward with your SD-WAN project.

SD-WAN Workshop Part 4 - Recommendation

At the conclusion of our SD-WAN Workshop process, we’ll have a clear understanding of your requirements and will produce a detailed SD-WAN solution recommendation.

Our recommendation will highlight how it meets your specific requirements. In the case that we’re presenting multiple solutions, we’ll rank each solution against your requirements, enabling you to make an informed decision.

In addition, we’ll create a set of actions and next steps, complete with who’s doing what and when. This may include:

  • Time in the Teneo SD-WAN lab to demonstrate how our solution meets your requirements
  • Building out a detailed SD-WAN business case
  • Moving to Proof of Concept, leveraging Teneo’s deep SD-WAN knowledge and experience

Our Approach


  • Agree SD-WAN workshop participants
  • Set workshop pre-work
  • Collect any relevant data that will be used to help predict ROI
  • Collate responses


  • Define workshop depth required and agenda
  • Deliver our SD-WAN Workshop virtually or on-site with your team


  • Create a Solutions Requirement Document (SRD)
  • Highlight key requirements to meet your business and technical needs


  • Present an SD-WAN solution that meets your requirements
  • Deliver a recommendation document that acts as a solid foundation to your business case

Teneo’s SD-WAN Workshop Service Value

Align your SD-WAN stakeholders

In our SD-WAN Workshop, bring together collaborative representatives from Network, Applications, Infrastructure, VoIP/Telecoms, Cloud and Security teams. Usual group sizes range from 5-15.

Follow our proven methodology

Our SD-WAN workshop is designed around our proven methodology that focuses on business challenges and technical requirements.

Get a detailed review and assessment

Covering all aspects of Technology, Processes, Systems and People, Teneo’s SD-WAN Workshop enables our team to provide you with a comprehensive review and assessment.

Leverage our years of experience

Leverage our years of technical SD-WAN knowledge and practical, real-life SD-WAN experience to avoid pitfalls and plan how you’ll achieve SD-WAN success.

Service Outcomes

  • Capture, discuss and validate all stakeholder requirements.
  • Detailed Solution Requirements Document that can be used to aid decision making.
  • Company specific value assessment and ROI for adopting SD-WAN.
  • Access multiple SD-WAN solutions and complementary technologies.
  • Receive a recommendation document that addresses how different SD-WAN solutions can meet your requirements.
  • De-risk your SD-WAN project by choosing the right technology and delivery model based on SD-WAN Workshop outcomes.
  • Accelerate SD-WAN deployment and competitive advantage for your organization.
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Case Study: Multinational Consumer Goods Organization

Case Study: Multinational Consumer Goods Organization

Find out how a multinational consumer goods organization’s journey to SD-WAN was supported by Teneo with an SD-WAN Workshop and Implementation services.

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Ready to talk about a WFA: SD-WAN Workshop?

Ready to talk about a WFA: SD-WAN Workshop?

To get started with our WFA: SD-WAN Workshop, simply schedule a meeting with us today.

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