April 2018 Conversation Spark Now Available

May 01, 2018

Here’s the 5 hottest topics from Teneo this month:

Start with an SD-WAN Workshop!
If you’re considering SD-WAN, proper planning can reduce project pitfalls. A Teneo SD-WAN workshop can help ensure SD-WAN is fully relevant to your organization and de-risks your SD-WAN project. We’ll also help you choose the right SD-WAN technology and delivery model based on the workshop’s outcomes, what better place to start?

OK… but what is Bro? And if it’s so awesome, why isn’t everyone using it?
Despite many years in Security, Brian Dye, the new Chief Product Officer at Corelight, hadn’t heard of Bro before. So, before joining the company he embarked on a journey to find out what it was and why those in the know are excited about Corelight bringing an easier, faster, commercially supported version of Bro to the market.

Real World Stories – The Sol Group
The Sol Group is the largest independent petroleum marketing company in the Caribbean basin. Read how they use Riverbed SteelConnect as a cloud networking solution to simplify network management and improve digital performance at 40 branch offices, across 23 countries.

5 ways Endpoint Security and Network Security should work together
If endpoints aren’t protected with the right security solutions, individuals could bypass your perimeter security and introduce outside threats to your environment. But deploying the wrong endpoint security product can undo all the work that’s been done to secure the network.

SD-WAN: Managing Great Expectations
Carefully implemented, even in complex “brownfield” IT landscapes, the latest SD-WAN implementations are starting to give CIOs new levels of network control and agility in addition to boosting the bottom line for performance and bringing order to network maintenance, support and travel budgets. SD-WAN tools provide the opportunity, as Gartner puts it, for IT teams to align IT infrastructures with the businesses they serve. But behind all the excitement and rhetoric surrounding SD-WAN, what can CIOs reasonably expect from an SD-WAN implementation?

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