Does A Multi-Cloud Strategy Mean Compromising on Application Performance?

February 23, 2022

Based on the Teneo customers I’ve spoken with in the last 12 months, adopting a  ‘‘Cloud-First’, Multi-Cloud strategy is often a top priority for Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) teams. However, many organizations have multiple clouds and cloud services mixed with physical data centers and Co-Lo (co-locations). And as a result of running multiple applications and services stitched together, user experience suffers.

In addition, it’s often hard to see just how bad a problem is or where it lies. Multi-cloud visibility can be limited with traditional monitoring tools that focus on latency, routing, DNS response times and so on.

However, multi-cloud and software-defined networking offer a wide range of benefits. For example, the ability to make rapid changes, spin up new services, and leverage a more cost-effective approach to delivering IT. Additionally, they open up possibilities to gain competitive advantage through digital transformation. So, should the business just take the hit on user experience for the greater good?

A better way forward with your Multi-Cloud strategy

At Teneo, we feel that companies shouldn’t have to make that choice. That’s because there is a way to harness the power of multi-cloud without compromising on performance.

Here’s why we think user experience is so important. Let’s assume your organization employs 1,000 people, who all access a central application. After moving the application to the cloud, let’s say each user experiences a cumulative daily loss of 5 minutes of productivity.

So, what does that cost the organization in lost productivity? Take the average wage in the UK of £31,772 (according to the ONS, April 2021) and assume that’s the average for 1,000 employees. Then the total cost of lost productivity, based on 261 working days last year, would be over £330,000.

To help I&O teams overcome the challenges of maintaining and even improving application performance as part of a Cloud-First, Multi-Cloud strategy, Teneo has partnered with Prosimo to enable our customers to leverage its powerful Application Experience Infrastructure (AXI) technology.

About Prosimo

Prosimo provides secure, optimized connections between users and applications across cloud infrastructures while providing detailed visibility back to I&O teams, detailing performance and cloud transit costs. This empowers I&O teams to balance application performance needs with cloud costs by setting business-driven SLAs.

Find out more about Teneo’s multi-cloud services.

Author: Brett Ayres, Services Director, Teneo



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