Digital Experience: Reminds Me of Sewage

August 15, 2018

Sewage came to mind this week when I was thinking about digital experience. I began to consider how much I take plugholes and toilet flush buttons for granted daily. We all make regular use of them. But I rarely stop to think about what happens to the wastewater on its journey from my home to the sewage treatment plant. While the concept of fatbergs fascinates me, I’d had no idea they were blocking up the whole system until I watched a documentary. Ignorance is bliss, so they say.

In the same way, I take digital experience for granted on my mobile and laptop devices. I interact with front-end application services, but I have no idea what route my service request is going to take across the WAN and public Internet before I receive a response from the application back end. All I care about is that my experience is great and my chosen devices and apps work fast, efficiently and without disaster.

There are times however when things do go wrong and thank goodness for sewerage companies in the case of my analogy. They’re constantly monitoring the sewerage system on my behalf, so I don’t need to inspect, maintain or repair it. And yet, I’d never tweet my sewerage company to say what an excellent job they do, just like an end user never calls the IT department until something goes wrong.

As for digital experience, Teneo recently launched Digital Experience Monitoring as a Service to make sure workforces aren’t impacted by any problems with their devices or blockages across the enterprise network and application infrastructure.

Digital Experience Monitoring as a Service is based on Riverbed’s SteelCentral Aternity software and essentially, customers get all the Aternity features and management work at a predictable, monthly recurring cost. For example, we’d monitor the software around the clock and alert you on the things you want to know about most. As for your users, they wouldn’t even need to know a problem existed as you could get the information you need to troubleshoot and fix issues before they’d even realise.

I’m not suggesting your network and application infrastructure stinks by the way – but to be on the safe side, the service is also ideal for benchmarking digital experience before and after Windows 10 or Office 365 migrations and SD-WAN deployments.

Sound intriguing? I’ll leave you with this link to find out more.

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