What’s New with Traps 4.1?

September 29, 2017
What’s New with Traps 4.1

Palo Alto have released an update with Traps 4.1 with updates to further help customers prevent malware and kernel exploit attacks with enhancements to existing features and an all new Ransomware signature less detection feature.

Joel Boyd – Palo Alto Sr. Product Marketing Manager – Traps says “Traps 4.1 further increases our innovative leadership in advanced endpoint protection by continuing to deliver on our core endpoint security and unique multi-method prevention approach with particular focus on ransomware.”

Ransomware takes centre stage

With the recent WannaCry and NotPetya attacks Ransomware is clearly taking a centre stage when it comes to attacking the Endpoint and Palo Alto have introduced innovative technology to enhance the existing features of Traps and a new feature specifically focused on Ransomware detection.

  • New* Ransomware Protection –. Monitoring for Ransomware behaviour, to detect and block the encryption of customer data and is compatible with legitimate encryption software. Does not rely on signatures.
  • Enhanced Kernel Exploit Prevention – Adding greater protection against file-less based attacks, detecting and stopping the attack high up in the attack lifecycle without impacting legitimate processes,
  • Enhanced Malicious DLL Protection – Prevention of malicious DLL’s from loading using enhanced local and WildFire analysis, more & more attacks are utilizing DLL’s over executables exploit the Endpoint.
  • Enhanced Granular Child Process Protection – Security policies delivered automatically and updated based on new threat intelligence, no user interaction required, with added granularity.

Traps is capable of providing Windows and Mac protection, online and offline, without signatures or scanning while still being PCI-DSS and HIPAA Compliant with no additional resource intensive bloatware installation on the Endpoint, the Traps client is still lightweight when compared to traditional anti-virus software at approx. 200mb of hard drive space, 50mb ram, and using <0.1% of CPU.

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Palo Alto Press Release: Palo Alto Networks Strengthens Ransomware Prevention Capabilities With New Traps Advanced Endpoint Functionality

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