Managed SD-WAN


Running an agile, hybrid global Wide Area Network (WAN) that supports your organization’s growth can place great pressure on your day to day operations.

Innovation that leverages digital, cloud and IoT has a significant impact on IT costs, performance, security and most importantly, your precious time.

You’re already spinning enough plates without needing to complete all the tasks associated with adding network connectivity to yet another branch office on the other side of the country or globe.

You can’t make your ISP work any faster, and you can’t afford to make the plane journey to get to that location since the network team really can’t be everywhere and do everything at once. Or can it?

Managed SD-WAN from Teneo helps you to leverage our enterprise-grade Internet access services, simplify and scale your global WAN management and saves you great amounts of time and money in the process. You get to centralize your WAN operations – and run them from your favorite chair – while you streamline connectivity providers, increase network agility, reliability and security, and reduce costs.


  • Connectivity
  • Agility
  • Reliability
  • Reduced Costs
  • Performance
  • Security


Managed SD-WAN Datasheet


Managed SD-WAN Specsheet - Riverbed SteelConnect



To help you navigate the complexities of your existing network deployments and ensure we prescribe the right Managed SD-WAN and connectivity offerings for you, we’ll take you through a One Day SD-WAN Workshop. Through the workshop, we’ll help you explore some of the dependencies, conflicts and security challenges that exist in your network today. We’ll also work with you to understand your existing connectivity network, infrastructure and how your applications, both on premises and SaaS, are being used. Where you need further help with assessment, we can support you with our Professional Services, designed specifically for SD-WAN Migration.

For a lighter, SD-WAN taster session, we also offer an SD-WAN Lunch & Learn.

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