Most networking teams assume there are two options when selecting an SD-WAN partner: they buy from a reseller and try to deploy the SD-WAN solution themselves, or they use a service provider for full solution design, deployment and management.

What’s less obvious at the point of selection is that both of these options end up causing significant project delays. The reasons are threefold: 1) the skills gap is the number one thing preventing SD-WAN adoption, and that exists both on the customer and partner side; 2) the solution fit is only as good as of the partner that’s selling it and how well they understand the usage case; and 3) because of inefficient SD-WAN processes, more than 50% of projects go over timeline or budget.

A shared-risk approach to SD-WAN helps networking teams be more agile. It blends project co-ownership with knowledge transfer at each stage. This allows networking teams to leverage external expertise & experience to fill skills gaps, collectively determine the best solution fit, accelerate projects, and lower risk by using tried and tested processes.

Our shared-risk approach has been leveraged by the largest multinationals to the lean, high-growth organisations and delivers SD-WAN projects efficiently and on time.


Our Services


Assessment Services

SD-WAN Workshop

Our SD-WAN Workshop provides you with a well-structured approach to building your SD-WAN business case and gives you access to our SD-WAN lab environment. The workshop is a consulting engagement designed around our proven CAPS Methodology to make the topic of SD-WAN enlightening, interactive and relevant. Workshops typically include collaborative representatives from Network, Applications, Infrastructure, VoIP/Telecoms, Cloud and Security teams and group sizes range from 5-15 people.

SD-WAN Workshop Sample Agenda


Advisory Services

SD-WAN Strategy & Design

Pivotal to a successful SD-WAN deployment is the design process. To help design your target SD-WAN environment, we deliver an audit and review of your current network to assist with the definition of the SD-WAN outcomes you require. Our service will also help you plan technically and practically to ensure a smooth, phased move to SD-WAN. We define all interim designs, plan how they’re going to be implemented, put them through testing in a Proof of Concept and document exactly how everything will be achieved step by step. The more time spent planning at the design stage, the faster an SD-WAN migration tends to happen.


Managed Services

Our SD-WAN Managed Services are designed to help you to get the most value from SD-WAN, faster. In addition to Strategy & Design and an Implementation package, provided at a fixed cost to all new customers, we offer the following service levels:

Managed Service Essentials

Managed Service Essentials provides basic management of the SD-WAN solution along with knowledge transfer. The service includes licence management, system health and alerts, and limited configuration management and changes, to ensure it runs as designed.

Managed & Co-Managed Service Premier

Managed Service Premier delivers SD-WAN solution performance management, monitoring and advice, configuration management and changes, and full reporting. We also provide a Co-Managed Service to suit the amount of management control you want to retain.

Silver Peak Managed Service Datasheet


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