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The severity of an incident can change throughout its lifecycle since it always depends on the impact to your business operations. Our SLAs (Service Level Agreements) section provides you with our definitions for each incident priority.

We always aim to resolve incidents as quickly as possible. To make our process efficient, we operate a triage process, which helps us to determine the order in which individual incidents are progressed. On initial assessment, we’ll apply criteria according to the impact of the incident to you. This allows us to categorize incidents from Priority 1 (P1) through Priority 4 (P4), with P1 being the most important and urgent.

An incident ticket will be closed following an agreement to do so with you. In the event that we don’t receive any response agreeing to close the ticket, we’ll attempt to contact you by e-mail and phone every 4 days.

If after a further 3 attempts to contact you there has still been no response, the ticket will be closed automatically. A ticket can be re-opened within 24hrs of closure if required.

A follow up ticket can also be raised at any time and all the information from the closed ticket can be made available to that follow up ticket, providing you supply us with the closed ticket number.

Read the associated SLA under each priority level below

Priority 1


Priority 1 incidents are likely to severely impact your ability to conduct business, such as a system being down, so we’ll respond to a Priority 1 incident within one hour, our most urgent response time.

Priority 2

High impact disruption

Priority 2 incidents are high-impact problems that disrupt your operation but there’s still capacity for your business to remain productive and maintain necessary services. We’ll respond within four hours following receipt of a P2 incident.

Priority 3

Minor impact disruption

Priority 3 incidents are medium-to-low impact problems that involve partial loss of non-critical business functionality. The problem is likely to impair some operations but you can still continue to function. We’ll respond within eight hours following the receipt of a P3 incident.

Priority 4

Informational request

Priority 4 issues include requests for service that don’t fall within the P1 – P3 definitions. We’ll respond to you within 24 hours following the receipt of a P4 request.

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