What is AI-based Email Security?

As organizations navigate the complex landscape of modern cybersecurity threats, the vulnerabilities inherent in traditional email security systems become glaringly apparent. When you consider that 91% of cyber-attacks involve e mail, ensuring that you are identifying the bad stuff is vital. From sophisticated social engineering tactics to relentless malware campaigns, the variety and severity of threats necessitate a reevaluation of existing security measures. Highlighted below are key pain points that underscore the urgency for advanced, proactive defense strategies in protecting sensitive communications and data:

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Business Email Compromise has become a prevalent issue, accounting for a significant portion of the financial losses in organizations. These sophisticated scams exploit email communications to manipulate financial transactions and deceive employees into making unauthorized transfers.

Vendor Compromise

With a notable percentage of companies experiencing attacks from their supply chain each week, the risk from compromised vendor systems is escalating. These incidents not only disrupt operations but also pose severe security threats that can propagate throughout the supply chain.

Credential Phishing

Credential phishing remains a predominant feature in advanced email attacks, with a high incidence of phishing links designed to deceive users into divulging sensitive information. This trend underscores the critical need for defensive strategies that can preemptively identify and neutralize such threats.


The majority of malware is transmitted via email, highlighting the channel’s vulnerability to such threats. This makes it imperative for organizations to enhance their email security measures to detect and block malicious payloads before they can cause harm.

Account Takeover

A significant number of large companies face the challenge of compromised accounts, which can lead to extensive internal security breaches and data theft. The frequency and impact of these incidents necessitate improved security protocols and monitoring to prevent account takeovers.

Spam & Graymail

The overwhelming volume of spam and graymail not only reduces productivity but also poses a security risk by potentially concealing more sinister threats. Managing this deluge effectively is crucial to ensure that legitimate communications are not overlooked and that security threats are promptly identified and addressed.

End User Device Security

Take a modern approach to email security

Teneo’s AI-based behavioral analytics email security solution introduces a transformative approach to email security, leveraging advanced behavioral AI to discern and defend against sophisticated email threats. This method establishes a baseline of ‘normal’ communication patterns, enabling the detection of anomalous and potentially harmful emails that conventional tools might miss, ensuring a more secure and resilient email environment for your organization.

Our approach

To combat the increasing sophistication of email-based threats, Teneo has partnered with Abnormal Security to employ a cutting-edge, AI-based behavioral analytics, approach to email security. Abnormal Security’s platform stands out by using behavioral AI to create a detailed baseline of ‘normal’ email interactions within an organization. This innovative method allows the system to detect anomalies in email behavior by comparing incoming emails against this established normal behavior and other metrics derived from diverse deployments across various industries.

This approach is particularly effective against socially engineered email threats that often bypass conventional email gateways. Traditional systems might overlook emails that lack obvious malicious links or attachments; however, Abnormal Security’s behavioral analytics engine examines the context and patterns of email communications, enabling it to identify and block subtle, deceptive threats. By understanding the typical interaction patterns between senders and recipients, the platform can swiftly flag and quarantine emails that deviate from the norm, offering a robust defense layer that adapts to evolving cyber threats. This methodology not only enhances the security posture of organizations but also aligns with modern needs for dynamic and intelligent cyber defense mechanisms.

Key Benefits

  • Precisely blocks all email attacks using behavioral AI.
  • Protects from internal and external compromised accounts.
  • Deploys in minutes via API; no configuration needed.
  • Can be a supplement/replacement for the secure email gateway.
  • Improves user productivity.
  • Protects against email-like attacks in Slack, Teams and Zoom
  • Protection from Quishing attacks (QR codes)
  • VendorBase continuously assesses vendor risk.

Additional Highlights:

  • 10X more effective solution for email security
  • 3X fewer attacks get through.
  • 2X faster threat response time


AI-based email security is a key component of StreamlineX as it ensures that users get the best possible experience when connecting to their applications, while offering enhanced security, better visibility, and simplified network operations at a lower total cost of ownership.

AI-based Email Security Case Study

AI-based Email Security

How a leading US insurance company adopted Teneo’s AI-based Email Security, powered by Abnormal Security, to protect against email attacks and improve team productivity.

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