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SD-WAN Home/Student Office Solution

SD-WAN Home/Student Office Solution

Provide the home user with the same experience from a performance and security perspective as if the user was on campus.

SD-WAN Home/Student Office Solution

In the wake of Covid-19, we’ve seen an unprecedented migration toward a work-from-home strategy, with the underlying technology and infrastructure supporting this transition facing extraordinary challenges.

Most of the so-called “Home Working” solutions do not address the core architecture issues and fail to provide users with a secure and optimized experience, often with IT unable to gain visibility into the cause of any problems the home user experiences.

The challenge is that the current architecture is based on different forms of “traditional VPN access” back to the corporate or campus network or Cloud – this architecture has number of limitations.

To resolve these challenges Teneo has created an SD-WAN Home/Student Office Solution which can be described simply with one sentence:

Teneo’s Home/Student Office Solution provides the home user with the same experience from a performance and security perspective as if the user was on campus.


The Teneo solution has been designed with security in mind. The solution creates secure IPsec tunnels between the students’ homes and the learning resources they’re accessing.

Data flowing over this connection is encrypted using military-grade AES-256 bit encryption. Coupled with built-in zone-based firewalls, the solution provides full end-to-end segmentation of the traffic, thus minimizing exposure to potential threats and allowing for specialist traffic analysis to be conducted as required.

By deploying the Teneo solution, IT gains full visibility of traffic flowing over the WAN and peace of mind that students, applications and data are protected.


Connecting over the public internet can be unreliable with many users experiencing issues with the quality of their connections. For a student watching a live video stream this can be frustrating and they may miss key information due to buffering or a loss of connection. These problems are caused by “packet loss” and “jitter” on the connection. The Teneo solution employs a combination of advanced techniques called “path conditioning” to address these issues and maintain the quality of experience for the user.

Even with a single connection, a voice call can still be maintained with up to 7% packet loss.  Without the Teneo solution, the call would fail with just 2% packet loss. If the student has a dual connection (e.g. home broadband and a 4G connection via a mobile phone) the call quality can be maintained up to 40% packet loss.


In the modern IT landscape it’s not always possible to place users and applications close together. As the distance between a user and the service they want to access increases, “latency” is introduced to the data flow causing the responsiveness of the application to decrease, resulting in poor user experience.

The Teneo solution provides an optional add-on for students that are experiencing this problem. With a simple software update, Teneo can apply a range of optimization techniques to mitigate the effects of latency and enhance user experience.

Solution overview

Enablement process

To enable a smooth transition to the solution, Teneo offers a complete end to end services wrap. This can be tailored to meet your specific needs and budget with as much or little involvement from Teneo as required

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