Teneo Unveils StreamlineX: An Innovative IT Solutions Framework to Address Modern Connectivity Challenges 

October 02, 2023

Teneo has today launched StreamlineX, an innovative framework combining market-leading technologies that will empower Network and Security teams to embrace digital innovation and navigate the challenges of modern connectivity.  

The StreamlineX framework will enable IT teams to provide secure, optimized and observable connections between users and applications. This might include simplifying network and security in a SASE model, using AI to optimize end-user security, or shining a light on users’ experience to gain the insights needed to make changes where it matters most. 

“Seamless connectivity is essential for operational efficiency and productivity,” said Brett Ayres, VP of Product, Teneo. “However, as working patterns have changed post-COVID-19, this has led to variable performance and a broader attack surface for bad actors to exploit. As such, the demands on network and security teams are greater than ever as they struggle to operate increasingly complex systems to meet business demands. With the StreamlineX framework, Teneo will create a bespoke roadmap to optimize IT infrastructure and ensure seamless connections between users and applications while protecting them against cyber threats.” 

The StreamlineX framework brings together four key areas critical to modern IT infrastructure: 

  1. Protecting End Users: StreamlineX leverages next-generation IT security powered by deep learning and behavioral-based AI analytics. This technology focuses on two primary attack vectors: email and malicious downloads. In addition, the framework protects user performance through complete End User Experience Monitoring and actionable observability, prioritizing user satisfaction and highlighting ways that IT can fully optimize user experience. 
  2. Enhancing and Securing Connections: StreamlineX optimizes connections between users and applications. It does this by providing overlay services to physical links with the power of SD-WAN and WAN acceleration to guarantee users the best possible experience. Connections are secured, using the Zero Trust principles of ‘never trust, always verify”, via cloud-based security exchanges. In the event of a breach, the framework minimizes its impact with advanced segmentation.  
  3. Actionable Observability: StreamlineX incorporates high-value observability data collection and analysis tools. This includes advanced data capture to provide pervasive visibility; end-user experience data to understand performance from a user’s perspective; and network flow and packet capture, allowing for a deeper understanding of network and application health.  
  4. Automated Network Management: StreamlineX utilizes AI and Machine Learning to detect patterns and correlations, identifying abnormal incidents. Predefined ‘playbooks’ are triggered to collect and present the data needed for IT teams to diagnose issues efficiently or run automated change procedures to resolve issues.  

Teneo’s StreamlineX framework represents a significant step forward in simplifying connectivity and reducing the cost of network security,” said Brett. “In today’s dynamic work environment, where remote and hybrid models are prevalent, providing secure and high-performing connections is crucial. StreamlineX empowers organizations to meet these challenges head-on, delivering a bespoke roadmap to optimize their IT infrastructure while driving business success.” 



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