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December 01, 2017

Here’s the 6 hottest topics from Teneo this month:

1) Etsy get frictionless and convenient two-factor authentication with Duo Security
“We’ve had nothing but good experiences with Duo. It’s one of those rare security companies that actually has great UX and it’s fair to say that our user base finds it extremely easy and that makes my life easier,” says Rich Smith, Director of Security at Etsy. Watch the video case study to find out more!

2) Travis Perkins delivers a superior customer experience using Riverbed SteelCentral Aternity
Don’t just listen to us about how Riverbed SteelCentral Aternity helps to increase end-user visibility, improve customer service and enhance colleague productivity. The IT team at Travis Perkins do such a great job at explaining this in a new video, you’ll probably enjoy watching that instead.

3) Application performance visibility – sort out that subscription!
CIOs could take surprising inspiration from the way CTO Marc Sollars manages his new Ultra HD TV channel package and all the hardware that comes with it. He’s compared this to an ‘as a Service’ networking technology model in this Compare the Cloud article.

4) Cloud security: allow is the new block!
The Cloud presents a tremendous opportunity to make your users more agile and collaborative, giving your company a competitive edge. There’s an opportunity to embrace both IT-led and user-led cloud services, but you need to do it safely and simply blocking access doesn’t work. Read the 10 requirements for saying “Yes” to user-led cloud services in this whitepaper from Netskope.

5) Security Delivery Platform For Dummies. Now you can have your cake and eat it – speed up your security tools, find threats faster AND save money!

Your network is a rich source of massive amounts of data in motion – the data that runs your business. It’s also an ever-expanding source of complexity, risk and cost that can easily overwhelm your security and monitoring tools. See how you can have your cake and eat it in the Security Delivery Platform for Dummies book sponsored by Gigamon.

6) Palo Alto Networks earn a recommended rating in the NSS Labs 2017 Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System Test
NSS Labs have published the results of their 2017 Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System Test Report and Security Value Map. This NSS Labs test is designed to compare security effectiveness, performance, stability, reliability and total cost of ownership among a variety of security providers. Highlights include the blocking of 99.81% of all exploits and blocking 155 out of 157 evasion attempts for an Anti-Evasion rating of 94.5%.

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