January 2018 Conversation Spark Now Available!

January 31, 2018

Here’s the 6 hottest topics from Teneo this month:

1) Risk-manage SD-WAN for network agility
With global enterprises’ network managers already working in a forest of cloud and hybrid models, multiple WANs and fast-changing branch IT needs, are the latest iterations of SD-WAN really going to give them a way through the trees …to the big prize of agile networks that ensure greater responsiveness to customers along with lower running costs?

2) Webinar Feb 8th: WAN Optimization as a Service, presented by Scott Gibson, SVP Teneo
There’s no doubt that aging WAN Optimization equipment, the introduction of SD-WAN and the proliferation of cloud apps and platforms are causing serious re-assessment of optimization strategies. Join our live webinar on Thursday, February 8th at 11AM EST | 4PM GMT, as Scott Gibson, Teneo’s Senior Vice President, discusses our newest WAN Optimization service offering.

3) The Palo Alto Networks epic cloud security event Feb 6th
How do you get alignment across IT to achieve the perfect balance of agility and protection? Join Palo Alto Networks for this online event to find out! You’ll hear firsthand from cloud pioneers and global organizations that dove into the cloud – and succeeded. Hear their real-world experiences in a candid, fast-paced and enlightening cloud conversation.

4) Cloud culture calls for flexible networks
Cloud-based workloads demand more flexibility, so how can businesses rethink their WAN strategies to accommodate this. I talked to ComputerWeekly about why increasingly complex WAN’s demand a strategy of end-to-end visibility into the global network.

5) Are you buried in security data? Meet Corelight

Networks and data volumes are evolving so fast that security tools and teams are having a hard job keeping up. Faced with an inundation of alerts, it’s a relentless challenge to determine where the real threats lie. Corelight is the Enterprise-grade version of Bro and I think you’ll love it, because it saves time and makes threat hunting so much easier.

6) Real security solutions, not Band-Aids!
I recently caught up with Computing Security to discuss some of the challenges fuelled by new cloud and mobile initiatives. I believe a big challenge is embedding a culture of security within your organization, and that it’s important to find industry innovations that make security rules and applications simpler.

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