April 2019 Conversation Spark Now Available

April 30, 2019

Here’s the 6 hottest topics from Teneo this month:

Why Teneo for SD-WAN?

Digital transformation means the pressure is on for IT teams to deliver seamless new business services and make sound investments that meet budgets and improve operational efficiencies. We feel that SD-WAN is an essential component of digital transformation, and a true next-generation technology that helps achieve both business and IT objectives, which is why we’ve chosen to specialize in this area.

Co-Managed and Managed Services for Silver Peak

The Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform provides business benefits such as better application availability, network reliability and a higher quality of experience for users. However while your IT team is focused on delivering these, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is the ongoing upkeep of the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect, Orchestrator and Boost technology itself. That’s where Teneo can help. We provide Co-Managed and Managed Services for Silver Peak depending on how much management control you want to retain in-house.

Prevent successful attacks by combining endpoint, network and cloud

Although preventive measures can stop most attacks, many sophisticated threats require special attention. These threats sneak around looking for unexpected entry points, like fake keyboards or even connected fish tanks, to exploit. Learn how to stay ahead of attackers with this new Cyberthreat Report: Reconnaissance 2.0” from Palo Alto Networks.

Information Age: Business Orientated IT teams will become a must for innovation in the enterprise

This month, our recent survey caught the attention of the information Age editorial team.  Our survey found that networking infrastructure, cloud and cybersecurity roles are converging. Today’s networking professionals will become tomorrow’s ‘generalists’, carrying out a range of networking, cloud and security optimization roles

Looking to simplify your current Network and Security architecture?

Network speeds, data volumes and the number of business applications are increasing. In turn, network and security analytics tools are reaching capacity much faster than expected, especially when all traffic is sent through all tools.  If your looking to simplify your architecture I’d recommend a Gigamon Discovery session, after which we’ll provide you with a recommended plan to improve efficiencies.

Clouded by Doubt about Office 365 Email Security?

If your organization is sold on the business benefits of Microsoft Office 365, you’re probably taking a deeper look at Office 365’s built-in email security. With insufficient protection against advanced cyberthreats, lack of forensics and insights, and excessive downtime, can you really trust Microsoft with your email security?

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