How CSR allowed me to witness a great use of technology and automation in the virtual classroom

November 04, 2020

Even before virtual learning became a daily reality, I had the opportunity to witness how technology and automation could help students get ahead in their learning programs.

As part of my company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme, I joined a group that focused on community outreach. Soon after, a reading program in collaboration with Atlanta Public Schools, requested volunteers to teach reading to students at a local area Elementary School.

I gladly volunteered for the program. After taking the online training, I was quickly matched with a female student and we settled into our learning cadence.

My role was to log into the school’s reading tool once per week for one hour. My allocated student would log in on her end as well. Since this was during the school day, she’d sit in a different part of the classroom so there were fewer interruptions.

My allocated student would join the meeting room, and we’d go over the curriculum that was based upon her reading level, as determined by the automated reading program. The program had the ability to increase the difficulty of the module automatically based upon how well she did in each session.

I felt so inspired when my allocated student progressed very well. By the end of the program she was reading much faster, sounding out difficult words, and progressing through the new levels available for her improved reading ability.

It truly was a beautiful program and a great use of technology and automation in the virtual classroom.


Blog post by Candice Coldly, Teneo Project Manager

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