On Demand Webinar: The Next Era of Secure Access with ZTNA 2.0

On Demand

Hybrid work and the shift to cloud applications and data have forced organizations to shift their network architectures rapidly, leaving gaps in security and access.  As a result, ZTNA 1.0 is not enough.

Our partners at Palo Alto Networks introduced ZTNA 2.0 with Prisma Access which overcomes the limitations of legacy ZTNA solutions.

 With ZTNA 2.0, you can enable:

  • Least-privileged access by providing precise access control at the app and sub-app levels.
  • Continuous trust verification even when there are changes in device posture, user behavior and app behavior.
  • Continuous security inspection even for allowed connections to prevent all threats, including zero-day threats.
  • Protection for all data and consistent control across all apps used in the enterprise.
  • Security for all apps used across the enterprise, including modern cloud-native apps, legacy private apps and SaaS apps.

In this video, Teneo’s SVP of Technical Customer Success, Steve Evans, shares this new approach to deliver better security outcomes for businesses with hybrid workforces.


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* Want a deeper dive into Palo Alto Prisma Access?  After watching this video, qualified viewers will be eligible to attend a free virtual Palo Alto Prisma Access Foundations course hosted by Teneo’s partners at Cloud Harmonics. (Value $300 and for US contacts only)

Expiration date for voucher: April 28, 2023