Wine Tasting: Raise a Glass to MDR with Teneo and eSentire

Mar 25 2021
5pm - 6pm ET

Last year, we saw an increase in malicious activity, security events and an overwhelming number of alerts. This year we want to lift you out of the 2020 fatigue!

From the comfort of your own home, join Teneo and eSentire for an intimate wine tasting and fireside chat on March 25th at 5 pm. You’ll sample three delicious wines presented by Armstrong Family Winery and we’ll demonstrate how you can take advantage of our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities without having to build or augment your own SOC.


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Registrants will also receive a copy of No Safe Harbor, an exciting read about the changing world of cybersecurity, by Mark Sangster, eSentire VP and Industry Security Strategist and a presenter during the event.

This intimate event will last for one hour and will take place over Zoom. We hope that what you’ll learn will enable you to spend more time focused on your company goals rather than sifting through security alerts in the future.

Note: Please be sure to add the address that your wine tasting package should be delivered to during registration, and before March 18th to guarantee delivery. Note that an adult must be present to sign for the wine delivery.


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About No Safe Harbor:

Stories of massive data breaches litter the 24-hour news day headlines. A who’s who of banks, retailers, law firms, and healthcare organizations are affected by hackers and cybercrime syndicates. These companies, however, are often those with the most sophisticated technological systems in place, designed to stop crime before it starts. So how and why do cybercriminals continue to breach their ranks? And how can smaller companies with fewer resources at hand protect themselves?

The story of digital crime told by cyber security expert Mark Sangster, VP of Industry Security Strategies at eSentire, is one that hasn’t been told before: one in which the key to changing the locks isn’t in our computers, but in our corporate culture. Sangster deftly weaves together real-life criminal cases in a thrilling narrative that illustrates the human complexities behind the scenes that can directly result in an open door to threats. Within a security context, deep social engineering is the newest and biggest means of breaching our systems. Sangster shows readers that, in a world where the notion of truth is evaporating, organizations need to shift the security discussion away from technology gates alone toward a focus on leadership, team behaviors and mutual support.